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Designing·Fabulous¬ The·journey·to·Material·Design·Award¬

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Taylor·Ling¬ Design Co-founder of Fabulous Co. Google Expert in UX/UI

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“You kept me alive through colon cancer, I truly love you.”

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Habit-forming companion using scientific approach and self-coaching aimed to make healthy life routine stick in your life

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Motivation¬ Reminder¬ Stickiness¬

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Top Developer Editor’s Choice Google Play Awards Nominations Material Design Award

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100,000+ 8,000+ Daily Active Users Daily New Users ~3.0 millions Total Downloads

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Things that we learnt during the journey to Material Design Award¬ Product Design Team Users

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Which mobile platform should we build for our MVP?¬

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Android? iOS? Windows?

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Huge Market Share Great Design language Developer Friendly 88% of Int’l Market¬ Wide Range of Diversity¬ Design Guideline¬ Support Library¬ Alarm API¬ Draw over other apps¬ Rich Notification¬ Play Store Experiment¬ Revenue potential is huge Android users pay for good apps/ games too!

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Takeaway¬ Consider picking Android as primary platform to develop when you first starting out and resources are scarce.

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How much time we need to build a perfect Fabulous?

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A hell of a lot of time¬

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Feature list for 1.0 Feature list for MVP 2 years

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No content

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Feature list for MVP 2 years

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Feature list for MVP 6 months

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No content

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MVP Material

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Takeaway¬ Build your MVP with minimal set of features that solves user problem and delivers core experience.

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How do we differentiate ourselves from other similar tools and be unique?

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No content

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Contextual Immersive Excitement Emotional

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Takeaway¬ Look for opportunity to make use of illustrations to delight your users, even during frustrated situation.

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Is it worth spending time on details? Will the user aware of our efforts in the design?

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No content

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Takeaway¬ Every detail makes the design.

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Can we just ignore 1- star/2-star users? They are likely not the users that we want.

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No content

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Takeaway¬ 1-star users are your ‘real’ users that hit you back to the reality ground. Take their feedback seriously,but cautiously.

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When is the suitable moment to convert users?

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No content

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Lock everything! Show upgrade card every launch Another upgrade card just in case they didn’t see it Snackbar ads! Top banner ads!

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Success/Winning Demand/Unlock Removal/Demotivated Conversion points to consider

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Takeaway¬ Identify those potential conversion points and take advantage to convert them.

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What can we do so the user understand the concept of the app but not ovewhelmed with tons of tutorial?

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No content

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User Onboarding¬

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Why should I care?

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What can/should I do?

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How can I do?

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What else?

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Takeaway¬ User onboarding strategy plays a significant role in retaining potential users.

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What can we do to improve user engagement with the product?

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Motivation Value Proposition Ability User Interface Trigger Prompts BJ Fogg model on Human Behavior Product Engagement

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Motivation Value Proposition Ability User Interface Trigger Prompts BJ Fogg model on Human Behavior Product Engagement

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Slide 52 text Pulkit Agrawal - Chameleon

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Onboard, Letters MOTIVATION User Interface ABILITY Prompts TRIGGER

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Takeaway¬ To improve user engagement, optimize 3 things: the strength of your value proposition, the simplicity of your interface and the intelligence of your prompts.

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How far can we go with just providing a single language in the app?

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Not very far¬

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More than 50% Reviews

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Takeaway¬ Be prepared for multi-languages if your product is going to expand globally.

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How can we know the changes we made have positive impact to user experience?

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Just test it¬

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Candidate for A/B testing?

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Candidate for A/B testing

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70% 92% +22% Users who tap the button to start the journey

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No content

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Takeaway¬ Always be in experimental mode and use data to decide which solution to keep.

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Are we able to pull it off with everyone working remotely?

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No content

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No content

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Takeaway¬ Remote absolutely works with sufficient communication and proper planning.

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Is having a design-first culture in the team worth it?

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Oh yes, it sure does!

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Material Design Award Improved Downloads Think Design

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Alex Schleifer, VP of Design @ Airbnb

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Alex Schleifer, VP of Design @ Airbnb

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Takeaway¬ Involve design in product development at the very beginning, otherwise it will be too late to fix.

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