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Designing Fabulous - Journey to Material Design Award

Taylor Ling
April 20, 2017

Designing Fabulous - Journey to Material Design Award

Some humble sharing about lessons learned by the team while building Fabulous for 3 years, covering from product, users, design to building a team.

Presented on Droidcon Italy, Android Paris Makers, Droidcon Vietnam and CHIuXiD.

Taylor Ling

April 20, 2017

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  1. Habit-forming companion using scientific approach and self-coaching aimed to make

    healthy life routine stick in your life thefabulous.co
  2. Huge Market Share Great Design language Developer Friendly 88% of

    Int’l Market¬ Wide Range of Diversity¬ Design Guideline¬ Support Library¬ Alarm API¬ Draw over other apps¬ Rich Notification¬ Play Store Experiment¬ Revenue potential is huge Android users pay for good apps/ games too!
  3. Takeaway¬ Consider picking Android as primary platform to develop when

    you first starting out and resources are scarce.
  4. Takeaway¬ Build your MVP with minimal set of features that

    solves user problem and delivers core experience.
  5. Takeaway¬ Look for opportunity to make use of illustrations to

    delight your users, even during frustrated situation.
  6. Is it worth spending time on details? Will the user

    aware of our efforts in the design?
  7. Takeaway¬ 1-star users are your ‘real’ users that hit you

    back to the reality ground. Take their feedback seriously,but cautiously.
  8. Lock everything! Show upgrade card every launch Another upgrade card

    just in case they didn’t see it Snackbar ads! Top banner ads!
  9. What can we do so the user understand the concept

    of the app but not ovewhelmed with tons of tutorial?
  10. Takeaway¬ To improve user engagement, optimize 3 things: the strength

    of your value proposition, the simplicity of your interface and the intelligence of your prompts.