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Distinguished Product Manager [email protected] Tweets @thatjeffsmith Blogs Oracle REST Data Services ORDS in 5 9 Minutes! Jeff Smith

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• Web listener for your Oracle PL/SQL programs or APEX • RESTful Services harness for your Oracle Database • Web app for Oracle Database (SQLDev Web) • Database management REST API • Mongo style API for Oracle Database (SODA for REST) Do you need a…?

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PL/SQL web listener • ORDS powers APEX • ORDS is the official replacement for MOD_PLSQL

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• Auto REST enable your data tables, views, SQL, PL/SQL • Paged, {JSON}, HTTPS responses • Defined/controlled via schema • Full dev support (GUI, CLI, API) • Core feature of Autonomous & available for any Oracle Database REST Access to your Oracle Database HTTPS/REST JDBC

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• HTTPS vs SQL • {json}, paged results • Links for each record • Secured with web roles/privs Example: GET EMPS of DEPT 50

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• …in your browser! Build & Secure a RESTful Service…

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SQL Developer Web

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Database Management REST API 500+ endpoints for managing/monitoring your Oracle Database { "datapump_dir": "DATA_PUMP_DIR", "filter": "HOCKEY_STATS, UNTAPPD", "job_mode": "TABLE", "threads": 2 } POST BODY Response

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SODA for REST • Oracle DB, as a JSON Document Store • Manage & query collections & documents

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• Oracle 11gR2 and higher databases • Support tied to your Database license (MOS) • Classic architecture and Multitenant support • On Premises or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure • Built by the Oracle Database Team FOR the Oracle Database • Quarterly Releases All of this is available at no additional cost

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Java –jar ords.war standalone • Eclipse Jetty Webserver • Production Support • Fewer control, config, & management features ORDS w/Embedded Jetty Static Files -HTML , CSS, JS /db1/hr/emp/ JSON Binary HTML … HTTP(s) Response JDBC pool1 pool2 pool3 Request JDBC JDBC Standalone Architecture

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1:n or 1:1 (ORDS:DB) • Each database gets a connection pool • Each database gets a mapping pattern, e.g. /ords/db1/… • Ideally, 2+ ORDS front-ended with a load balancer for HA

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Install, configure, launch SQLDev Web Video on Jeff’s YouTube Channel

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• SlideShare/SpeakerDeck • Blogs • Articles UKOUG Scene Why REST, and What’s in it or Me? Oracle Mag AUTO REST & REST Enabled SQL • And don’t forget Oracle-Base! ORDS on Other Resources This presentation in video format – see Jeff’s YouTube Channel