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What is ORDS? Basic Overview of all Features

What is ORDS? Basic Overview of all Features

Top level discussion of Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS).

Quick overview of all of the features and how you can use it. There are other decks that go into great detail, this is the Reader's Digest Version


January 14, 2021

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  1. Distinguished Product Manager Jeff.D.Smith@oracle.com Tweets @thatjeffsmith Blogs https://www.thatjeffsmith.com Oracle REST

    Data Services ORDS in 5 9 Minutes! Jeff Smith
  2. • Web listener for your Oracle PL/SQL programs or APEX

    • RESTful Services harness for your Oracle Database • Web app for Oracle Database (SQLDev Web) • Database management REST API • Mongo style API for Oracle Database (SODA for REST) Do you need a…? https://www.oracle.com/REST
  3. PL/SQL web listener • ORDS powers APEX • ORDS is

    the official replacement for MOD_PLSQL
  4. • Auto REST enable your data tables, views, SQL, PL/SQL

    • Paged, {JSON}, HTTPS responses • Defined/controlled via schema • Full dev support (GUI, CLI, API) • Core feature of Autonomous & available for any Oracle Database REST Access to your Oracle Database HTTPS/REST JDBC
  5. • HTTPS vs SQL • {json}, paged results • Links

    for each record • Secured with web roles/privs Example: GET EMPS of DEPT 50
  6. • …in your browser! Build & Secure a RESTful Service…

  7. SQL Developer Web

  8. Database Management REST API 500+ endpoints for managing/monitoring your Oracle

    Database { "datapump_dir": "DATA_PUMP_DIR", "filter": "HOCKEY_STATS, UNTAPPD", "job_mode": "TABLE", "threads": 2 } POST BODY Response
  9. SODA for REST • Oracle DB, as a JSON Document

    Store • Manage & query collections & documents
  10. • Oracle 11gR2 and higher databases • Support tied to

    your Database license (MOS) • Classic architecture and Multitenant support • On Premises or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure • Built by the Oracle Database Team FOR the Oracle Database • Quarterly Releases All of this is available at no additional cost
  11. Java –jar ords.war standalone • Eclipse Jetty Webserver • Production

    Support • Fewer control, config, & management features ORDS w/Embedded Jetty Static Files -HTML , CSS, JS /db1/hr/emp/ JSON Binary HTML … HTTP(s) Response JDBC pool1 pool2 pool3 Request JDBC JDBC Standalone Architecture
  12. 1:n or 1:1 (ORDS:DB) • Each database gets a connection

    pool • Each database gets a mapping pattern, e.g. /ords/db1/… • Ideally, 2+ ORDS front-ended with a load balancer for HA
  13. Install, configure, launch SQLDev Web Video on Jeff’s YouTube Channel

  14. • SlideShare/SpeakerDeck • Blogs • Articles UKOUG Scene Why REST,

    and What’s in it or Me? Oracle Mag AUTO REST & REST Enabled SQL • And don’t forget Oracle-Base! ORDS on Other Resources This presentation in video format – see Jeff’s YouTube Channel