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Riina  Hellström      @extemporea   Co-­‐crea5ng  a  healthy  future  of  work            @pplgeeks  

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Fueled  by  passion,  vast  exper5se  and  a  will  to   succeed  together.   RIINA  HELLSTRÖM   CO-­‐FOUNDER,  PARTNER   DIRECTOR  AGILE  ORGANIZATIONAL  DEVELOPMENT   The art of being a great people professional includes a lot of practice, experience, successes, fails, knowledge, smiles, sweat, tears, laughter, theory, self-discipline, self- control, energy and trust. I’m here to do magic with your HR operations and help you grow healthy organizations.

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4   what do you need from HR?

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Industrial organization vs. Decentralized/networked organization

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7   Who makes decisions?

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8   Rewarding mechanisms?

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9   Who is doing the THINKING?

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DIGITALIZATION OF SERVICES AND PRODUCTS REQUIRES THE ORGANIZATION TO MOVE TOWARDS AGILE ENTERPRISE MODELS AGILE IS THE “HOW” YOU LEAD A DIGITAL ORGANIZATION “Gartner predicts that, by 2017, 70 percent of successful digital business models will rely on deliberately unstable processes designed to shift with customers' needs” - Gartner: Predicts 2015: Digital Business Will Drive a Big Change Revolution Creating responsive and adaptive customer experiences requires the entire organization to be agile. Making that change begins with putting in place new governance standards and ways of working. - McKinsey, 2015 (Xavier Lhuer, et al.) What it takes to deliver breakthrough customer experiences The hallmark of successful digital organizations is to organize around digital platforms and the consistent customer experiences they deliver at the core. This requires converging business, technology and functions into agile teams with autonomy and accountability. This redesign has a ripple effect through many of the organizational systems and mechanisms: leadership, mandates, performance management, budgeting, matrix design, skills, talent, culture and how work is done. Oliver Wyman, 2015, Reframing The Organization For A Digital Future Pt.1

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Moving to today… CHAOS report Source;  standish  Group,  CHAOS  report  2015,  interview  with  Jennifer  Lynch     h]ps://­‐chaos-­‐2015    

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12   How does work work? Who is the customer? What is the value provided?

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14   Scrum Kanban LeanKanban Less SAFe Something else agilish… quique_fs  via   Copyright  Mountain  Goat  Sobware,  Crea5ve  commons  licensed   TO MAKING THIS WORK!

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16   WHAT IS HR?

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What is Agile HR? 1.  HR for agile: 
 Designing working HR and management practices for Agile organizations. “making work work” 2.  Agile for HR
 Using Agile thinking, methods, workflow, cycles and collaboration practices in developing HR’s services and processes. 3.  Agile Values
 Agilemanifesto and agilehrmanifesto values

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Industrial organization vs. Decentralized/networked organization

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How can YOU help HR succeed? How can you build people operations TOGETHER?