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Slide 1 text Data democratisation to improve marketing outcomes Changing working patterns and the increasing importance of insights make data democratisation an essential part of modern marketing.

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Managing Director James Alty Founder & MD of Apteco, James is a technologist at heart, now responsible for ensuring we meet our clients’ needs with powerful software and great services. Outside Apteco, James is a squash player, private pilot and single speed cyclist.

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Slide 3 text Previously, data was “owned” by IT departments. They managed and provided the tools required for: Data gathering Analysis Segmentation A revolution is in the air 3

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4 These tools were simply not user-friendly enough for those who don’t have specialist training. But all that is changing. 4

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5 Data democratisation brings people closer to data. Data democratisation means giving everyone in your business appropriate tools to access and interpret data – no matter where they are and what skills they have. 5

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Slide 6 text An example: remote working Remote working is more common than ever after the pandemic. But it would be far more difficult without data democratisation. Accessible and powerful data tools that support sharing and co-working from disparate locations enable your team to succeed in the ‘new normal’. 6

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Slide 7 text What are the benefits of data democratisation? 7

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8 1. Data democratisation helps everyone make better data-driven decisions. 8 Boost productivity Faster working Happier people

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9 2. Attracting and retaining employees becomes easier 9 Wider talent pool Less training, faster onboarding Fewer manual tasks

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10 3. Your business operations run more smoothly. 10 Increased business value Improved data accuracy Increased competitiveness Data-driven business

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11 Let’s take a closer look at marketing data democratisation needs and benefits How data democratisation can benefit different roles and functions within a marketing team. 11

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Marketing needs bi-directional data integrations with many channels

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Direct mail Purchases Interactions Email Reviews SMS and push Engagement CRM Social media WhatsApp Website Call centre

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14 Data Integrators need to connect systems effectively both internally and externally. 14

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Connect all your data sources & marketing channels into a single platform to enable data-driven marketing choices. ANALYSE TARGET CONNECT CAMPAIGN

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It can’t be overstated, our partners and Apteco were pivotal to not only the success of the project but its complete triumph. For the first time, we can be confident that we truly have a supporter-focused view ensuring the product, channel, timing, content, and action is correct for every supporter. Cats Protection Apteco partner: Wood for Trees

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17 Analysts need to work on timely data across multiple sources and share insights with colleagues. 17

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ADDED TO WISHLIST Segmentation RFV / RFM Profiling Pareto Data aggregation PAY NOW KEEP SHOPPING Predictive modelling Behavioural modelling Best next offer predictions Clustering and K-Means Decision trees and CHAID New variable creation CHECKOUT Customer journey THANK YOU Your order has been confirmed

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Create actionable insights from your data to drive marketing campaign personalisation, customisation and testing. ANALYSE TARGET CONNECT CAMPAIGN

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Apteco is a critical part of our insight analysis and a driving force behind personalised communications, supporting the Club’s goal to be “The People’s Club” Everton Football Club Apteco partner: Qbase

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Through Apteco and D&B, Canon has achieved full customer segmentation and the visibility needed to help shape a ‘Customer Centric Approach’, ultimately driving a better customer experience Canon Apteco partner: Dun & Bradstreet

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22 Marketers need self-serve access to information without being dependent on the IT team or other departments. 22

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Top customer Rosie Gill Lifetime spend Onboarding Upselling Churn Reactivation Website interaction Loyalty reward! APPLY OFFER Real-time Hyper- personalisation

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Empower marketers to easily build and refine their ideal audience to personalise campaigns ANALYSE TARGET CONNECT CAMPAIGN

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With Apteco we found a solution to our mission. Apteco helped us to achieve our goal of having a targeted dialogue with our customers, which is based on efficient communications, automation and personalisation. Fitness First Apteco partner: b.telligent

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26 Campaign Orchestrators need to manage multi- stage, multi-channel campaign ‘journeys’ with automation, triggers and scheduled activity driving specialist channels. 26

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Bring data and computational power together to optimise campaigns with AI and intelligent automation ANALYSE TARGET CONNECT CAMPAIGN

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Email sends (33) to: Rosie Gill Bounces 20% Opens 45% Unsubscribes 5% Clicks 30% Response rates Improve outcomes Deliver KPI’s Live insights

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Apteco has transformed the way WWF communicates with their supporter base. This journey has proven how WWF can use data and software to improve the supporter experience, which paves the way for charity-wide, supporter-centric automated journeys in the future WWF Apteco partner: Qbase

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By utilising Apteco we were able to track and measure the impact on guests of the Future Cruise Credits journey. Allowing us to understand behaviour and identify trends, adopting an agile approach to testing, offers and onward strategy Carnival UK Apteco partner: HH Global

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31 Marketing Managers need the ability to view and interact with summary dashboards to bring clarity and data-driven decisions to strategic planning. 31

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32 Easy to use dashboards combine insight and interaction

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Your organisation needs to turn customer data into for your team ANALYSE TARGET CONNECT CAMPAIGN

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In what feels like at least every second meeting, I open dashboards and I'm not the only one who is thrilled! It really is an incredible work facilitator and, above all, a visual and easy to understand view. L&T Apteco partner: WOLFF DMM

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35 How does Apteco help? Apteco’s core strength has always been about taking companies from A to Z. Not just from A to B. 35

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Marketing is a continuous relay race for your data and your team…

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Connect Bring together data and people so everyone can make smarter, data-driven decisions. Campaign Execute your campaign, reviewing engagements and reacting to deliver more positive outcomes. Target Decide how to use your insights by choosing when, where, and how to communicate with a specific audience. Analyse Turn data into actionable insights with the ability to interrogate and explore data.

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Slide 38 text With Apteco, users can unlock the full power of customer data for marketing use. 38 Insight into Action

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Slide 39 text Come and say ‘hello’ Stand 102 For demos, customer stories, insights, trials and more…. Download Apteco resources from

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