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@andylobban Design, systems, people Andy Lobban Head of UX and Design at FanDuel

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@andylobban @andylobban

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@andylobban @andylobban

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@andylobban Los Angeles New York Glasgow Edinburgh

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@andylobban What is a design system?

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@andylobban A set of shared patterns and principles that define how we design our product

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@andylobban Principles

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@andylobban Guidelines

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@andylobban Patterns

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@andylobban Components

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@andylobban and more

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@andylobban It’s about what your product needs

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@andylobban Design systems are not 
 the cool new thing

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@andylobban @andylobban

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1920s 1940s 1960s 2000s 2012 @andylobban

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@andylobban Why would you want to build a system?

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@andylobban 50% 50% Design as a job Execution for people Working with people

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@andylobban @andylobban 50% 50%

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@andylobban Stories are for people @andylobban

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@andylobban Your design system is about people

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@andylobban Design Systems by Alla Kholmatova Published by Smashing Magazine

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@andylobban Users of the product(s) built with your system

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@andylobban Consistency

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@andylobban Accessibility

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@andylobban Trust

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@andylobban More time for testing = better experience

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@andylobban Your design system’s customers

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@andylobban Designers Developers Testers Product managers Copywriters Third parties and more

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@andylobban Your design system is a product

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@andylobban System goals

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@andylobban @andylobban

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@andylobban You already know how to do research

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@andylobban Market your system like a product

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@andylobban Senior stakeholders

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@andylobban Usability Brand unity at scale Business goals Efficiency

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@andylobban Designers

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@andylobban Your system is a constraint, not a threat to creativity

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@andylobban Shared understanding

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@andylobban Tone of voice

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@andylobban Principles

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@andylobban Our product favours 
 customisation for power users over simplicity for casual users

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@andylobban Stress tests

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@andylobban Just fucking start

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@andylobban Developers and testers

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@andylobban Shared language

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@andylobban Speak like a developer

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@andylobban Documentation is important The headlines Important info Extra info

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@andylobban From whiteboard to build

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@andylobban New team members

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@andylobban Third parties

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@andylobban Add user research explanations

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@andylobban Can you make it public?

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@andylobban Beyond your current world

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@andylobban Your design system is a great hiring tool

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@andylobban Job ads Process docs Designer handbook

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@andylobban But I don’t think I need a design system!!!

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@andylobban These principles apply 
 to all our work

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@andylobban Dziękuję! Andy Lobban Head of UX and Design at FanDuel @andylobban