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How To Know If Your Company’s Culture Is Broken Free Template Inside

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Culture is more than a buzzword or an afterthought. Culture is the glue of your organisation, culture leads decision making, leads the actions your teams take and typically silently drives company performance. Culture are the actions you take. Culture is the living relationships around a set of important goals. Culture is the subcultures you enable in your workplace. Focus is on a mission to fix the broken world of work

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3 Keep A Running Total, This Will Help You To Know How Bad Your Culture Is Click For Free Template

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Here Are The Signs

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5 Unproductive meetings Busy As Default! Book another meeting to make a simple decision Back to back meetings

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Lack Of… Lack of praise Lack of clear communication Lack of shared ownership Lack of learning and co-learning Lack of flexibility

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7 Broken Promises No trust in HR, People or Management Team We promise to change x (and doesn’t happen) Cliques across the business If it’s easy - we won’t do it Dismissing ideas without hearing them out

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Decision Making… Communities to make decisions Rely on the hierarchy for decision making Constant brushing decisions under the carpet Leavers not being able to tell their team they are leaving the business

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9 Management Unhealthy competition between managers I am a manager - at my level I don’t do that Managers feeling helpless they cannot help change Management team out of the loop of what is really happening Dismissing challenges Demanding an “always on” attitude

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Encouraged aka forced Forced fun Created events for forced fun To stay late just to be seen as being present

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11 Confusion Then Chaos Confusion of what you are doing and why you are doing it Tolerating bad behaviours When an obstacle feels like a roadblock or a showstopper Unexplained staff turn over That’s not my job Handoffs and dumping on great heights on each other

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12 Kept Score? If you are experiencing over 7 different bad culture traits you are likely experiencing a bad culture but can be fixed, trust is key here. A Real Concern: If it is 15 you are likely experiencing a broken culture, if trust and management are key parts of your answers, consider tackling head on. If you are experiencing more than 20+, it is most likely a toxic culture. You definitely need external company wide help.

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13 How To Address These? • Speak to your HR team, highlight these traits and when you & team-mates have experienced them. • If comfortable, speak directly to your manager and call out bad behaviours & instance of these behaviours. • If you are uncomfortable with either steps, there are two options 1/ Unfortunately it is likely time to look for a new role or 2/ Ask Focus to contact your business completely anonymously with examples of issues & we will recommend ways to address these.

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14 +Get In Touch To Improve Your Culture The world of work has lost its focus! Focus was created to cut through the noise, cut through confusion and ensure businesses focus on developing their organisations performance. FOUNDER - DANNY DENHARD E: [email protected] W: WWW.FOCUS.BUSINESS/