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1 The new energy network for Business BigDataExpo Unusual approach for data analytics: Business Insights first Fundaments later

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Merger of 8 energy companies

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Solar (2) Charging Energy Storage High Volume Consumers Small Consumers Market Place Merger of 8 companies

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CRM CRM CRM CRM CRM CRM ERP CRM ERP ERP ERP ERP ERP Portal Portal Portal Portal Portal CRM ERP Portal Terminology Platforms Technology Language Legacy: 180 apps

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Groendus Starting points • 1. Start with the business; What are the goals, what is the biggest desire?

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Groendus Starting points • 2. Get a view on the As-Is situation, the landscape, risks, costs, bottlenecks 180 applications 54 core applications Bottleneck: Scattering Integration

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Groendus Starting points • 3. What will be the fundament of IT and the business? Bottleneck of scattering: • No integration • Data migration • Most used • Common knowledge • Experience, Support

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Groendus Starting points • 4. Buy before build, do not try to invent the wheel again

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Groendus Starting points • 5. Independent teams and domains, look for minimal dependencies

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Groendus Starting points • 6. Get the definitions clear: Are we talking about the same Business Objects?

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Groendus Starting points • 7. Choose the right partners who can help you, and who fits the company best

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Groendus Analytics Lake House Platform

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Groendus The challenge: A data platform in four days months

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Groendus Step 1: Business insights first! Solar Batteries Charge poles Energy Meters Setup a new BI Team for business insights

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Groendus Step 2. Building a strong foundation Move on premises data sources to Azure cloud Set-up a dedicated data engineering team

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Groendus Step 3. Blue print of the architecture

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Groendus Step 4. Focus on value with short iterative cycles

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Groendus Key takeaways - Immediate business value due to synapse approach and power bi. - Parallel scaling in teams, learnings and technology. - Plan big but start small. - Small focused teams provide flexibility and maintain pace. •Single source of truth •Central data platform • Smart, scalable and integrated

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The new energy system Portal Cust ome r Groendus Data Platform Analytics Steering Insights Energy match Energy forecast Energy optimization

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