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Brand Is The Fight Back 2020 - 2021 June 2020 Danny Denhard

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It’s been a tough 3 - 4 months. We all want ways to come back. Brand might just be the leader we needed. Here’s how…

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I believe Brand is going to be the battleground for H2 2020 to H2 2021

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Remember in 2020: The Consumer has the ultimate decision of the future! Consumer choice and knowledge = power Brand can be your superpower.

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Brand 101

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Real Brand flows throughout everything you do: Brand starts from: The moment they hear about you Finds or discovers you See on social Customers interact with you and your product The order The packaging The email confirmation The customer service The returns process

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7 History Of The Modern Brand 2000 - 2005 Brand and product is king, queen and everything between PRE 2000 Just large brands 2010 - 2013 Search was the core part of the evolving world, it became product + keyword specific 2005 - 2010 Digitalising world, product and keyword specific (brand is still important) 2019 - 2020 Review sites are noisy and inconvenient 2015 - 2018 Social World, spray and pray (do we need brand) 2020+ WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?

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Are you a brand that people need? Or People want? (Desire is important too)

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Understanding if you are a: (1) One and done brand (2) A brand that is going to be an utility Or (3) Something that will be generational and passed down

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We have: users → customers → fans → advocates

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We have: users → customers → fans → advocates Do you really?

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Brand Coach - Don't Brand Police Think Internal brand vs External brand. Ensure internal and external are aligned & consistent

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Understand where you live in: Know Like Love

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Understand where you live in: Know Like Love If you aren’t known you will struggle If they like you, why? + How are you going to push to love? If they love you, say thanks quickly. What can you do to optimise this

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Understand where you live in: Know Like Love If you are unsure you live here

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Consider This: For the first time, there are many very experienced leaders who just don't know the answer. This is an opportunity for brand and product leaders to step up, collaborate and offer solutions and insights. Be proactive!

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Brand Power

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The ultimate Brand power move would a be Coca Cola (or equivalent) launching a new limited edition flavour or a retro release of New Coke

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Right now a brand has to be more than just: - A product or set of products - Clear positioning - Consistent messaging - A well defined identity

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A brand from neuroscience is emotional connections: Thoughts - feelings - memories = Experience with product or brand

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The only way you can earn people’s trust is by: - Always keeping your word - Great quality of product - Delivering on what you’ve promised - Or going above all of these

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Survival! Will brand, purpose and values be a choice - be careful with expectations (internally and with consumers)

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Questions To Answer

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Question: How many reserves do your company have? Why? So many companies just do not have the reserves. You will have to scrap, you will have to pivot, you will have to test and learn, this isn't typically what the everyday company do and brand leads struggle to operate in this mindset.

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There Is An Opportunity…

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It can be considered a levelled playing ground - in a famous survey, it was found in life changing events, humans will try new brands. For new, challenger and startups you have the opportunity to play on. Big brands can also leverage however changing your messaging and targeting might be harder

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Brands need to stop talking before they do the walking. There has been too much noise on social, if this does not translate, expect your brand to take a real hit in coming quarters

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Find your relevancy Find your relevancy

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The Question Everyone Is Scared To Ask: Are we returning to ‘normal’?

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Human behaviour shifts Community Help vs Panic Buying vs The Community Clapping

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There might be a new category that was created in lockdown - Good enough (+made at home) - Good - Better (+made at home) - Best

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Good enough +made at home Good Better +made at home Best Got Smaller Opportunity to get bigger

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Good enough Good Better Best Many consumers have realised they can get better produce, cheaper produce or make or bake better at home

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Brands happily gave away their ‘secret sauce’

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In recent times we have seen three brand types

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1. Noisy aka partner play - seen and heard everywhere - being there with you (partner play) 2. Taker aka save us - support us, we need you 3. Silent aka working through the chaos - we are just working and getting stuff done in the background

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You will have been categorised. Be sure you can recover or leverage this connection, especially if you are a brand that can be felt, worn, eaten or drunk, others will struggle to be drive an additional emotional connection. 1. Noisy aka partner play 2. Taker aka save us 3. Silent aka working through the chaos

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FMCG Example: Shopping Behaviour Shift • Basket spend has increased vs visit several times per week • Online shopping ramped up • Is there an expectation of this to increase? Yes it’s an accelerated this online shopping trend • Ocado went for rewarding loyalty ~ the 1%-ers • Brand wins for known emotional brands • Down for brands we take a chance on in store

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Will we see? Choice vs Habit? This is where brand loyalty will come in

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It will be the Survival of the fittest Or Survival of the Scrappiest

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Scrappiest We have seen a trend of large brands going DTC - Heniz & Pepsi ( & vs supermarkets vs farm shops

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Bike Sales - 1.3m sold in 3 months Got storage?

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1. Baking at home 2. Self rising flour 3. Toilet rolls 4. Food boxes FYI Supermarkets stockpiled for Brexit

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Word of Warning: Brands just might find out they don't have brand market fit (Think “my brand does not fit in this market and for customers”) Understand this quickly as this is far more important than saying more.

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Products that can be connected to the home or appearance of the home and higher value…you have an opportunity. Be creative, target this feeling of my environment has to look nice and feel better.

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Near Future

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Generational Brands are going to be OK Lego is a generational brand but doesn’t always get the attention other generational brands do. This is an organic cycle from grandparent parent to child. This will continue.

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Retention and repeat purchasers will prove how important you are as a brand And good place to understand and track your metrics

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We (humans) are craving to be part of something bigger. As people we want to stand out and fit in, this is where brands can bring people together and make them standout

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Short Term We are living through the authentic phase (Zoom calls with celebrities, oddly being on brand webinars as b2c customers not b2b) This might be tolerated for the rest of 2020, where you feel conformable get around the same campfire.

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Short Term to Long Term: Understand where people find out about you and how they share your brand. 1am new parent groups (On WhatsApp, Facebook Groups) are incredibly powerful and relied upon far more than you know

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Do you understand if you are an Invisible Brands or Visible Brands? It’s the additional connection… Brands you Wear, Carry, Feel. The trust we show by wearing a logo, especially luxury is status driving and being visible is going to be even more important. Billboard Time.

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Actions To Take

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Budget Management 101 • Repurpose your marketing budget • Ask to pull forward spend • Or hold off for a bigger campaign

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Flip the Funnel Brand can be connected to any part of the funnel, concentrate on mid to bottom of the funnel while running cheaper more creative (in- house) top of funnel activities ❌ ✅

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If you are a challenger brand or a startup: This is time to take advantage of cheap advertising and having a real emotional element to advertising and market around your category and the problem you are answering or solving.

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Nostalgia is massively underused in marketing. Is love of the brand, the aspirational part of the brand? Coca Cola (Pepsi for me), Apple , Disney / Pixar, Tesla , etc

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Create a SWOT analysis, a SWOT will help kickstart your focus on brand. Share with senior leadership and show how you are going to be address the weaknesses and take on the opportunities and mitigate the threats. Ruthless Prioritisation

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Rites Of Passage: Be connected to rights of passages that might have been taken away or will be opportunities that others might miss: 18th birthdays // leaving school // graduating // passing driving test. Going to uni People finally getting married // People getting lockdown divorce // Baby boom?

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Touch-less Opportunity To Leverage: There are many ways to leverage & turn you into a touch free or contactless brand, think devices or destinations to become billboards.

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1- Advertising: Test out advertising channels, pricing is lower and plenty of big screen ad costs are slashed. 2- Marketing: Concentrate on marketing channels you already have connections with customers on alongside timely messages.

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3- Give Endorphin Rushes: Add a delightful moment to customers, personalised thank you's, if you are relevant create a real saving (if your brand can be associated with discounting) - if you can make people feel like they have received a bargain you will give an endorphin rush that will last. If you are a brand that is luxury or seen in the luxury category, know that there will be some "revenge spend" and you will give that real emotion endorphin rush.

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4- Retention First: Concentrate on retention Retention is the new growth in 2020.

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Retention is likely going to be a bigger battle ground, get ahead. Book a session in with the right teams and see how you can update Email, Push and SMS

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The world of work has lost its focus. Take back your culture & strategy. Inspire your company again.

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67 +Thank You From Focus DANNY DENHARD Leaders, Stop Reactive Behaviour Be Proactive Today To Improve Your Company. Get FOUNDER E: [email protected] W: WWW.FOCUS.BUSINESS/MANIFESTO