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Pivoting Your Career For Growth Bukola Johnson DevOps Engineer at anynines

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My Journey😁💥 An accomplished System Administrator

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My Journey 😫😫😪 …..I became Tired! No sense of fulfilment

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My Journey …Time for a Change! Needed something more valued in the job market

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❏ Checked the opportunities for growth in it ❏ Figured out where my passion lies ❏ Made a comparison of the skills in need ❏ Set a goal for myself My Journey … Decision Making! ❏ Researched the different IT fields

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I made the Bold Switch!!! Was it Easy ? No But it was WORTH IT!! BECOMING A DEVOPS ENGINEER

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My Favourite Quote “Self Motivation is the best motivation”

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Meet Bukola DevOps Engineer @ anynines bukecious / DevOpsArena Google WTM Ambassador FieldExpert at SheCodeAfrica

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What is Career Pivot? “It’s a purposeful shift in a new , related direction that one makes by doubling down on what is already working“ Jenny Blake

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Our Focus How How do I pivot ? What What do I want to pivot into? Why Why do I want to Pivot ?

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What do I want to pivot into?

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❏ What really drives you ❏ What are you good ❏ What do you enjoy doing The following can help you with the What ❏ What are you most passionate about

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❏ Research about Roles and JD ❏ Talk to people in the roles you want ❏ Figure out your skills that relate to what you want to do Research ❏ Research about companies

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Why do I want to make this move?

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❏ Do you think you will be better off in same role but in a different company ❏ Do you think you will be better of by switching roles but in the same organization? ❏ Have you lost passion for what you do ? The following can help you with the WHY ❏ Bored of what you are doing ?

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How can I pivot in my career ? How to Make a CAREER PIVOT

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❏ Leverage your most marketable skills ❏ Your past work experience Identify your transferable Skills ❏ List your top 3 transferable skills

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❏ Personal Development ❏ Trainings Skill Up ❏ Constantly Learn new skills

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❏ Define Timelines ❏ Keep a running list of things that you are wanting to get done ❏ Metrics without goals can be a waste. Set a goal ❏ Define Project-based goals

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❏ Be around people doing what you want to do ❏ Attend Local meetups ❏ Build your internal network at your present company Build your Network ❏ Leverage your connections to pivot through Networking

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❏ Follow blogs and people ❏ Update your project portfolio online ❏ Write Technical articles ❏ Give talks Keep Your Online Presence up-to-date ❏ Join conversations on Social media relating to the field/company you want

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❏ How have you made an impact ❏ What sets you apart from the competition? ❏ What are you seeking ? ❏ Why should we hire you ? ELEVATOR PITCH Prepare Your Elevator Pitch ❏ Who are you?

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My Elevator Pitch My name is Bukola , I am a DevOps Engineer with xyz company . I was responsible for maintaining applications for company xyz and migrating of services from on premise to the cloud thereby enhancing the availability of services . I am a self taught engineer and I am looking out for a great company where I can help maintain the stability of the services and also add value to the company .

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❏ Social media ( Twitter, Linkedin etc) ❏ Inform your network about your intentions ❏ Employee Referral ❏ Company career page ❏ Don’t forget to actually apply for your dream job Discover opportunities - Apply! ❏ Job sites

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Get Your Mindset Right! Don’t Let Fear Stop you!

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Thank you! CREDITS : Images by FreePik

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