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Going responsive changes *everything*

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Going responsive changes *everything* (and there’s no other choice)

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Our Team seandillingham sdillingham bryanricker bricker jonwhitebriefly billofrights

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Slide 4 text •Launched Jan 22 •Longform responsive storytelling

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Slide 5 text • Launched in May 2012

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“We redesigned our site and it's responsive. Now what?"

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Going responsive changes *everything*

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how you code developer designer collaboration

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how you design

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how you hire

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Fundamental challenges

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Responsive design = Web design

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Today, anything that’s fixed and unresponsive isn’t web design, it’s something else. If you don’t embrace the inherent fluidity of the web, you’re not a web designer, you’re something else. ! Web design is responsive design, Responsive Web Design is web design, done right. “ ” Andy Clarke, “I don’t care about Responsive Web Design”, Feb 2011.

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• The Next Web • The Great Discontent Examples:

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Once your site is responsive, everything needs to be

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Once your site is responsive, everything needs to be Pledge Forms Editorial Features Emails

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Data journalism needs to evolve

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A smaller brain is the signature of selection against aggression, Another way to say that is an increase in tolerance. “ ”

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The banner ad is broken

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KPCC’s philosophy • CPM-based models don’t play to our strengths • Exclusive buys represent a larger revenue opportunity • Banner ads create drag on our brands • Underwriters expect their campaigns to deliver regardless of device

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• • NPR Blogs • Boston Globe • Polygon • KPCC Bilingual Learning Examples:

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What’s my ROI?

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What’s the cost of failing 1 out of every 3 users who visits your site?