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Richard BOWN That One Script You Wrote Is Now a Platform DevOops Meetup #4 - 22 November 2023

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Consulting DevOps Engineer Likes: • Building (internal) products • DevOps, CI/CD, Automation, TDD, DDD • Socio-technical systems Dislikes: • Big transformations • Repeated, error-prone manual processes • Brittle pipelines • Writing more code than absolutely necessary RICHARD BOWN

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me (this morning) “A platform isn’t always planned. It can be an engineering reaction to an organisational constraint.”

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What Is a Platform Team and What Problems Do They Solve? What Is a Platform Team and What Problems Do They Solve? Armon Dadgar

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Slide 9 text Tips For Building Successful Platform Teams Dave Farley

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“If the architecture of the system and the architecture of the organization are at odds, the architecture of the organization wins.” Ruth Malan (@visarch) Mel Conway

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The “failing DevOps team” is a symptom. You org is sick.

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Source: fl ourish/

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Anti-Patterns of Platform Teams Jack of All Trades - too many services, not able to adequately provide them. Overloaded - too many teams to support, staff rotate rapidly including PO/PM, management unaware of what to do Fortress - behind their walls, they do what they like, poorly maintained tools are thrown to teams. Management often not in the loop Abandoned - setup by a small group in the past to do the right thing but now drifting with unclear responsibilities but a wide user base Well-Intentioned - a fully designed platform which is hard to use (Ivory Tower of Dave Farley) Organic - a platform has appeared from the mists. (Design by Accident of DF)

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Productize your Services

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Person Product Script Wiki Backstage etc.

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Build the Thinnest Viable Platform

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Tension between Operational vs Planned Work is a Good Thing™

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Bown’s Tips for Successful Platform Teams #1 Richard Bown 2023 -

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Bown’s Tips for Successful Platform Teams #2 Define Your Customer Focus on User Experience Self-Service as Possible Thinnest Viable Platform Richard Bown 2023 - Product Thinking

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Recognise Conway’s Law and Cognitive Load. Define your boundaries. Protect your service levels. Actively reduce scope. Bown’s Tips for Successful Platform Teams #3 Richard Bown 2023 -

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Richard BOWN fl ow/