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Holly Cummins Senior Principal Software Engineer, Quarkus @[email protected] Making IT Greener

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Uh oh. Image:

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@holly_cummins #RedHat Sources: The digital world creates more carbon emissions than aviation. Image:

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@holly_cummins #RedHat We have solutions.

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Step 1 Electricity source Photo by Marcos Assis on Unsplash

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@holly_cummins #RedHat

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@holly_cummins #RedHat Look at the sustainability information before choosing a hosting region. Choose a cloud provider who make this easy.

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@holly_cummins #RedHat Step 2: The four vowels elasticity utilisation efficiency utility

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Photo by Giovanna Gomes on Unsplash Utility: does it make me happy?

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Utilisation: how much of the capacity am I using? Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

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In many IT systems, utilisation is very low Image:

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Images: Elasticity: if I need less, can I scale down?

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@holly_cummins #RedHat Elasticity We used to leave our applications running all the time. When we scripted turning them off at night, we reduced our cloud bill by 30%. @darkandnerdy, Chicago DevOpsDays

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Efficiency: can I do more with the same resources? Image:

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Does the tech stack make a difference? Image:

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Does programming language make a difference?

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What about framework?

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@holly_cummins #RedHat Setup: • REST + CRUD • large heap • RAPL energy measurement • multiple instances to support high load 
 Assumptions: • US energy mix Source: John O’Hara climate impact of framework choice

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@holly_cummins #RedHat “No-regrets” solutions 
 Climate solutions can make everything better.

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@holly_cummins #RedHat The double-win Turning things off saves a lot of money Renewable energy is a lot cheaper @[email protected]. #RedHat Image: