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Email: [email protected] NYU New Technology Competition Accessible electrification one step at a time

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2 $140B Electric Infrastructure Problem

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Christina: New England homeowner 3 $6000 job is not affordable USE CASE SCENARIO

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~50A Total Capacity = 100A Safety Buffer Enough capacity for a 48A charger, except for 15 min at 6pm Energy usage in Christina’s house (December 2022) 4 USE CASE SCENARIO

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Infrastructure needs to be upsized today because it is dumb

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More than half of single family homes in the US will require electric upgrades because of old infrastructure. 1Pecan Street. Addressing and Electrification Roadblock. August 2021; 82M total single-family homes in the US 48M single-family homes1 across the US 6 PROBLEM

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Virtually upgrading the panel by adding intelligence. 100A panel 48A charger 7 Modulating Total Household electricity usage (A) 0 30 60 90 120 Day Night Stepwise ensures that total usage stays below threshold Amperage (A) EV charger Home usage SOLUTION

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- Saves money for the homeowner - Win work for electrician All in installation costs $6,000 $1,500 $0K $2K $3K $5K $6K $8K Without Stepwise With Stepwise 75% cost savings 1Preliminary numbers based on actual electrician quote 8 VALUE

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9 Scale via electricians channel partners Regional supply houses (NEC, Northeast, Granite City, Concord) EV charging installer networks (e.g., Treehouse and Kopperfield) 19 electricians can sell 324 devices per year (3/electrician/month), 1 supply houses can sell 240 per year (20/store/month) 2Networks expect ~12% of customers to be interested in what we are offering Electricians 10 signed up Channel Partners (to date) Identified distribution partners in key markets Supply Houses Installer Network Dealership 2 pending convo 1 pending convo 1 dealership referral (Nissan) GO TO MARKET

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10 Projecting ~$350M SOM through bundling hardware and software Sources: 1Argonne Lab. Nov 2022 vehicle sales estimates (cumulative at 816,154, annualized); 23% CAGR from 2023 to 2027 2In New England, service upgrade numbers range from 20% to 60% based on the source you speak with; to be conservative, we approximated at 30% 23% CAGR $350M Total SOM (est. 2024) $200M Hardware sales to EV charging beachhead $45M Shared energy savings from homeowners (Time- of-Use) $100M Shared capital cost savings from utilities (Demand Response) 1 2 3 (EV Sales) BUSINESS MODEL

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11 Bringing business, engineering, and electrician perspectives Jane Chen Austin Hunt Ethan Brewer CEO and Co-Founder CTO and Co-Founder Chief Electrician MEET THE TEAM

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Accessible electrification one step at a time Email: [email protected] Website: