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Copyright mct Inc. All Rights Reserved. 新鮮なインサイトで一緒に ビジネスを変革しましょう。 Transform Business Together with Fresh Insights

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Copyright mct Inc. All Rights Reserved. Contents 提供サービス Our Services 01 02 04 03 05 mctのメソッド Our Methods 組織カルチャー Our Values Our Culture Our Workplace 社内外活動について Our Network 会社概要 Company Profile

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Copyright mct Inc. All Rights Reserved. With diverse backgrounds, mct members are promoting various services across our core business units. Our Services Business Development / Digital Transformation CX Transformation Global Growth Organizational Design Managing Sustainability

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Copyright mct Inc. All Rights Reserved. Business Development / Digital Transformation Opportunity Discovery Customer Understanding Concept Development Business Design From initial opportunity to understanding the market, creating concepts, business design & validation, we share insights with you to drive business development and digital transformation. Our Services

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Copyright mct Inc. All Rights Reserved. Customer Experience Transformation Our Services CX Surveys CX Vision & Strategy Customer Insights CX Design CX Management CX Measurement CX Maturity Assessment We use deep customer insights to create processes and mechanisms that evolve and expand the customer experience - from creating a CX vision, designing CX initiatives and branding, to customer experience operations.

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Copyright mct Inc. All Rights Reserved. Global Growth Trend Research Futures Design Benchmarking & Competitor Research Global Ethnography Global CX Design Our multilingual team members support the design of more effective initiatives for global growth by incorporating new global methods and tools and deriving insights from diverse perspectives. Our Services

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Copyright mct Inc. All Rights Reserved. Organizational Development We use employee insights to increase employee engagement and benefit organizational performance by creating initiatives for CX management, fostering an organizational culture, and enhancing employees’ problem-solving skills. EX Design Training Programs Employee Insights Implementation Systems Teaming Our Services

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Copyright mct Inc. All Rights Reserved. Sustainable Management Advisory Support Company-focused insights allow us to help you reexamine your company's reason for being, develop sustainable business practices, and communicate with multiple stakeholders through a unique design approach. Our Services Sustainability Insights Sustainable Innovation Human Resource Development & Training

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Copyright mct Inc. All Rights Reserved. ヴィジェイ・クーマー Vijay Kumar Illinois Institute of Technology Professor, Design School 101 Design Methods デヴィッド・トング David Tonge The Division, Founder Visiting Professor, Kanazawa College of Art Former Design of IDEO Design リズ・サンダース Liz Sanders The Ohio State University Associate Professor, Design Department Co-Design ZMET ジェラルド・ザルトマン Gerald Zaltman Harvard University Honorary Professor ルー・カーボーン Lou Carbone Experience Engineering Inc. Founder Clue Scan 上田信行 Nobuyuki Ueda Doshisha Women's University Specially-Appointed Professor Playfulwork Our Methods mct has incorporated many world-class standard methods devised by insight pioneers. Meet some of the key experts who have helped make us who we are today. カール・ケイ Carl Kay TOKYO WAY 社長 Harvard Club of Japan 元代表 Service Design

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Copyright mct Inc. All Rights Reserved. Some firms claim that a handful of geniuses hold the secrets to innovation. But we don't think so. We are a team of "ordinary people" who are close to the "ordinary people" who buy and use your products and services. Accompanying you and your research needs with excellent methods, creativity and teamwork, We derive fresh insights and ideas to help you transform your business and achieve sustainable growth. UNIQUE WORKS BY ORDINARY PEOPLE Our Values

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Copyright mct Inc. All Rights Reserved. 思いやりを届けよう Nurture Relationships It takes time and effort to unite as an effective team. We build connections with our colleagues every day - not just in meetings, but also through friendly, light-hearted chit-chat. 学びの輪を広げよう Share Knowledge We share everything that we learn from our projects with the team so that it can be used in future work. We don't keep insights to ourselves, we turn them into assets for everyone. 違いをバリューにしよう Combine Our Strengths We welcome people with diverse backgrounds as teammates, both from inside and outside the company. The fusion of different values and ideas is what makes us a more powerful team. まずやってみよう! Go For It! We take the initiative without fear of failure. Sometimes you have to try an idea to know how it will turn out. Every challenge is an opportunity for us to grow, whether we succeed or not. ワクワクを仕掛けよう Spark Excitement We're enthusiastic about the work that we do. We care about creating wow and amazement, and we want to get that feeling across to our customers and partners too. Our Culture We developed a culture code for our organization, and take special care around the following values.

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Copyright mct Inc. All Rights Reserved. © 2022 Miro Our Workplace In 2018, mct launched Activity-Based Learning (※) under the slogan, “Let’s aim to be the best company in Japan for remote collaboration.” All members are now working in a remote-first basis. In 2021, mct became the first Japanese company to receive “Miro Expert” certification by Miro. ※ A system which encourages more creative results by freely choosing and working in any location, not just the office.

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Copyright mct Inc. All Rights Reserved. Design Management Network A venue for exchange beyond typical boundaries. With programming designed to help acquire the ability to think about the future, the knowledge and know-how essential for business creation, and the practical skills to realize it, DMN is for companies working on design management, innovation, DX, and sustainable management. Playful Network Launched in 2019, Playful Network is a participatory community with the vision of making 'playful' the standard work style. Along with realizing a better employee experience, the community aims for an environment that facilitates innovation within organizations. CX4DX A practical learning app created by mct which allows you to learn about the "CX mindsets" that everyone should understand as the ”basis for promoting DX". It is a service for organizations to quickly instill in employees what kind of "customer experience" should be aimed for through business, and the way of thinking that is essential for promoting customer-centric DX. 4Revs A platform for sustainable innovation originating in Japan, where employees of Japanese companies and young social innovators from around the world collaborate and co-create. With a focus around the issues raised by SDGs, mct is participating as a promotional partner for sustainable business creation with the aim of resolving the four critical survival issues facing humankind within one generation. CSAResearch We have partnered with CSA Research, a provider of comprehensive language-based globalization research and data services, to support the global growth of Japanese companies as well as the development of markets in Japan by foreign companies. Take On Japan mct’s platform for introducing original articles on Japanese customers and business trends by mct members and global leaders in the fields of design, research and technology. Our Network In collaboration with internal and external partners, we promote various projects, disseminate special information, and plan unique events.

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Copyright mct Inc. All Rights Reserved. Daishinsha Group Daishinsha Daishinsha Delight Supporting implementation and operations for digital marketing measures, communication tools, event planning and production, design and development of PIM/database systems, photography and CG production, etc. Daishinsha Communication Design Supporting development activities for products, services, exhibitions, and communications, covering research, planning, design, project management, etc. Live Art Books Planning, editing, production, publishing and sales of books, magazines, catalogs, etc. DS&C Contracted outsourcing and consulting services, etc. Will-Force Focused on overseas sales promotion, from planning to design and tool creation Locations Tokyo Office: 150-0001 Daiwa Jingumae Building 1F/2F, 2-4-11 Jingumae, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo, Japan TEL: +81 3-3405-5135 FAX: +81 50-3153-0403 Osaka Office: 542-0076 Namba SkyO 17F, 5-1-60 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan TEL: +81 6-6976-7752 FAX: +81 50-3153-0403 Employees 43 Founded 2002 Company Name mct Inc. CEO: Hideaki Shirane COO: Ichiro Tsukada Director: Jonathon Browne Executive Officer: Norihiko Yoshioka External Director: Peter David Pedersen mct Inc. is a subsidiary company of Daishinsha Inc. Company Profile