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Sunweb Internal Better Data Science with Server-Side Tracking Kevin Pak & Bart Brackel 15/09/2022

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2 Sunweb Internal Leading digital holiday expert selling beach holidays and ski packages since ’91 Annually over 1,2 million happy holidaymakers Loyal clients, trusted partners and strong brands Sustainable holiday ecosystem that brings a unique combination of our technology platform, intelligence and extensive holiday expertise. Sunweb Group at a glance

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3 Sunweb Internal 24% 21% 19% 12% 8% 5% 11% PAX by destination market France Greece Spain Austria Turkey Portugal Others Pan-European player with focused destination offerings

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4 Sunweb Internal 6 Brands

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5 Sunweb Internal Use Case

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6 Sunweb Internal On what products do we spend our valuable advertising budget? On what customers do we spend our valuable advertising budget? Limitless opportunities for showing online advertisements Customers with high conversion probability Yield Value

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7 Sunweb Internal

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8 Sunweb Internal Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP)

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9 Sunweb Internal ITP challenges Recognize which visits belong to the same user Access information from the previous visit

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10 Sunweb Internal Server-Side Tracking

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11 Sunweb Internal Server-Side Tracking

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12 Sunweb Internal Google Tagmanager 1st party data via: Deleted by ITP? Access with Javascript? Local Storage Yes Yes 1st party Javascript cookie Yes Yes 1st party HTTP (server) cookie with HTTP only flag No No 1st party HTTP (server) cookie without HTTP only flag No Yes

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13 Sunweb Internal Solution

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14 Sunweb Internal Solution

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15 Sunweb Internal