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@pimterry Build your own gateway with and RAK wireless

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Register a TTN Gateway Create an account & application Provision your device Deploy the packet forwarder Configure your device @pimterry Build your own gateway

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Follow the slides yourself at: @pimterry

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Sign up at Register a new gateway: ○ Any name ○ Non-legacy packet forwarder ○ EU frequency @pimterry Register a TTN Gateway

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Sign up at Enter your details Add an SSH key (optional) Create an application: ■ Starter app type ■ Raspberry Pi 3 @pimterry Create a account & application

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Click ‘Add Device’ Enter the network details Follow the guide to flash your SD card Make sure the antenna is attached Insert the SD card & power ...and continue, whilst it boots Provision your device @pimterry

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Deploy the packet forwarder @pimterry git clone Add your app as a git remote (see the top right of the app page) git push resin master (No SSH key? Use resin push with the Resin CLI)

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Deploy the packet forwarder (resin push) @pimterry git clone i Install the CLI: (‘Standalone install’) In the ttn-resin-gateway-rpi folder: > resin login > resin push

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Configure your device @pimterry Open ‘Device Variables’ in the Resin device dashboard Set GW_ID to the id of your gateway Set GW_KEY to the key of your gateway Set GW_RESET_PIN to 11

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Bonus: NTP Fix @pimterry If your device can’t authenticate to TTN on the IZUM conference network, its clock may be failing to sync. You can fix this by SSHing into the host and running: date -s "$(curl --silent --head | grep Date: | sed 's/Date: //')"

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You’re done! @pimterry Monitor status via the device logs in the Resin dashboard Monitors packets sent & received in the TTN console

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@pimterry Have questions?

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@pimterry Build your own gateway with and RAK wireless