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Anh Vu - Data Analyst Empowering end-users beyond BI and leveraging Machine Learning

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Introduction ☁ Born in Google Cloud ♻ Sustainability is at the core of what we do ❤ We live through our values 🌎 Largest dedicated Google Partner in EMEA

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Data Analytics Maturity Where we could help

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Use case Demand Forecasting Supply Chain Analysts Category Managers Supply Chain Managers Suppliers Customers Our client

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Missions Empower our data consumers ● Visualisation & analysis ● Prediction ● Forecast adjustments Minimise (technical) silos in reporting landscape

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Technology Looker

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Technology Looker

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Technology BigQuery Machine Learning

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Technology BigQuery Machine Learning

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Technology Extension Framework

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Solution LookML handles multiple analytical operations for demand forecasting Consolidated training data Train predictions Visualise and correct forecasts Adjust Create time-series forecasting model (automatic weekly refresh) Historical sales data partitioned in BigQuery BigQuery ML Looker block to pre-process training data Request and accept forecast adjustments Request accepted and merged back to original forecast Adjust

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Lessons learned Scale what you can in your BI tool, otherwise leave it to your data engineers Understand and practise software engineering principles Work on the UX Measure your success!

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Summary 1. Identified the customer pain points (technical and business) 2. Designed our solution 3. Iterated the solution with feedback 4. Tested it with our end-users 5. Handover and retrospective for 2nd phase

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Want to see Looker in action? Visit us at stand 119 for a demo!