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Discover the true power of more compelling course material. Speaker Deck brings the learning experience to life with sleek and intuitive decks.

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Control your content.

Don't let your course material fall into the wrong hands. With private and secure URLs, Speaker Deck empowers you to share PDFs with peace of mind.

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Accelerate the learning process.

For students who aren't retaining the key takeaways, it's easy to blame the instructor. Instead, Speaker Deck supports robust slide notes to ensure clarity for your coursework.

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Thriving instructors trust Speaker Deck.

There's a reason why high-impact instructors are turning to Speaker Deck. Join the momentum today to leave a lasting mark on tomorrow's students.

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Get the message across.

With Speaker Deck, you can inspire students with dynamic decks. Here’s how…

$ 80
  • Private URLs
  • Slide captions
  • Canvas connectivity
  • Content collections
  • Delayed publishing
  • And more!

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Enjoy frictionless organization.

Keeping course material organized is an uphill battle. With Speaker Deck, you can sort content into collections by class or section, privately embed state-of-the-art tools like Canvas, and beyond.

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Establish immediate reputability.

In the digital age we live in, expectations are higher than ever before for instructors. With unlimited uploads and delayed publishing, you can always stay one step ahead. That's in addition to Speaker Deck’s removable branding for a sleek and polished look.

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Start resonating with your audience.

Why just reach your student base when you can resonate with them? That's the Speaker Deck advantage. It's time to take the first step toward more impactful lessons.

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Pro Features

Password protection

Take control of your privacy through password-protected access.

Faster uploads

Speaker Deck Pro subscribers get priority processing speeds for faster presentation uploads.

Delayed publishing

Automatically publish your presentation at the pre-scheduled date and time of your choosing.

Customize URLs

Make presentation updates without changing the URL. For added security, you can use a private URL.

PRO Pro badge
Add a layer of legitimacy to your digital presence with our exclusive Pro badge.

Disabled downloads

Keep your presentation from falling into the wrong hands by disabling downloads.

Limitless uploads

Upload as many presentations as you would like (up to 150MB each).

Custom captions

Add notes to your presentations for additional context using our caption feature.

Brand and Ad-Free

Use Speaker Deck without ads and showcase your presentations without our branding.

Common questions

What are the advantages of Speaker Deck Pro? Speaker Deck Pro goes beyond our free plan with enhanced privacy, faster uploads, helpful captions, and so much more. All the while, you’ll be first in line for the many new features we are in the process of creating. That’s unlike SlideShare, which has had the same features for years.
How many presentations can I upload? As many as you’d like! Speaker Deck Pro unlocks truly unlimited uploads for presentations up to 150MB each. Our free account is limited to 10 per day and 100 over the lifetime of the account.
Am I locked into a contract after paying? Absolutely not! You may cancel anytime before the next renewal payment to avoid future charges, whether that’s monthly or annually. Even if you cancel, you can still access your decks on your downgraded free account.
My question wasn’t answered… For additional questions, feature ideas, and more, we invite you to reach out to us at [email protected].