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Schedule your presentation to be published at a specific date and time. Just set it and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Password protection

Take control of your privacy through password-protected access.

Faster uploads

Speaker Deck Pro subscribers get priority processing speeds for faster presentation uploads.

Delayed publishing

Automatically publish your presentation at the pre-scheduled date and time of your choosing.

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We’ll mark your profile, and everywhere else we show your info, with a Pro badge to thank you for being a vital part of our community.

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Disabled downloads

Keep your presentation from falling into the wrong hands by disabling downloads.

Limitless uploads

Upload as many presentations as you would like (up to 150MB each).

No Embed Branding

Strip the Speaker Deck branding from our player when embedding your decks. Only your deck and the navigation will be visible.

Brand and Ad-Free

Use Speaker Deck without ads and showcase your presentations without our branding.