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The Voldemort Effect

Lito Nicolai
May 03, 2017

The Voldemort Effect

A lightning talk from StrangeLoop 2017

Lito Nicolai

May 03, 2017


  1. The Voldemort Effect i’m @litonico_

  2. hard things in computer science •cache invalidation • naming things

    •off-by-one errors •explaining what a monad is •listening to someone trying to explain monads •logging in to the right AWS console •finding an OpenGL tutorial that uses the same version of OpenGL that you’re using •being *sure* it’s a race condition •remembering the right flags to use with `tar` •typing while someone is watching ✅
  3. voldemort… probably should have won? • he was up against

    two really dumb kids and one competent one • this wasn’t the goonies • or home alone
  4. he didn’t • why???

  5. he underestimated

  6. he underestimated the power of LOVE

  7. he underestimated the power of LOVE because he didn’t understand

  8. we’re voldemort • we do that shit all the time

    • we dismiss (tech) things because we don’t really understand them • (at least, i do. idk about you maybe you’re all perfect)
  9. ideas are bigger on the inside! • there is *always*

    more to a thing than it appears
  10. don’t be voldemort! • knowing a thing’s name gives you

    power over it • i hope you like this name and can have a laugh if you catch yourself being voldemort • if i ever find myself being dismissive of a thing, i can be *certain* i do not understand it.
  11. @litonico_ learnto.computer