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Get the most out of your decks. Upgrade to Pro to get some of our most requested updates and enhancements.

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$ 80
$ 80
  • Private decks via URL or password
  • Priority uploads and no limits
  • Scheduled publishing
  • Disallow downloads
  • Pro badge
  • No Ads

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More access control

Have more control over who can see your deck. With Pro you can assign a deck a private URL, and it won’t show up in our directory. Or, protect even further by requiring a password to see a deck.

Get ahead of the pack

Skip the line, and get priority uploading and processing with your Pro account. Get your deck ready for viewing faster, and get eyes on your deck. Who likes to wait, anyway?

Publish on your time

Schedule your deck to be published right at the end of your talk. Simply set the time to publish, share the link in your deck, and go engage with your audience once your talk is finished.

PRO Proud to be pro

We’ll mark your profile, and everywhere else we show your info, with a Pro badge to thank you for being a vital part of our community.

Help Speaker Deck thrive
Becoming a Pro will help us continue to offer the great level of service you’ve come to expect from Speaker Deck. Thank you!

Disallow Downloads

Share without worry. Disallowing downloads allows you to share your decks while controlling who can download your original content.

No Limits

When you're a Pro, we shut off our regular upload limits. Go ahead and fill up that profile of yours with examples of what you can do.

No Embed Branding

Strip the Speaker Deck branding from our player when embedding your decks. Only your deck and the navigation will be visible.

No Ads

We aim to provide ads for products and services that are relevant, but know that some prefer to avoid the interruption. As such, we turn off ads for pro accounts.

Join the Pros

See how Speaker Deck Pro can make sharing your decks faster, more flexible, and informative.
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