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August 10, 2018



August 10, 2018


  1. “2018 Tokyo Tech Engineering Design Project A” Design an innovative

    experience of having a meal Team UMAI Billie Akwa MOORE (18M15385) Banner (17M18073) WEIJIE ZONG (17M58262) PHAM VIET ANH (17M58724) Justinian Siah (18R52001) Kotaro Sakada UMAI A small cooling device for on the go to keep your drink refreshingly chilly
  2. Video https://youtu.be/A-nLBUw16TU

  3. Design Process - User Interviews Back home drinking is essentially

    for socialising I like soft drink rather than alcohol. That is one of the best meal ever. Simple, but memorable.
  4. Design Process - POVs Before HMW/ heat and cool foods

    with a portable device? HMW/ have a cool/hot drink when go picnic? HMW/ make the chilling experience easier? HMW/ provide people with the possibility to change the temperature of drink anytime and anywhere?
  5. HMW/ heat and cool foods with a portable device? HMW/

    have a cool/hot drink when go picnic? Make the process of cooking easy and fast? HMW create range of taste sensations? HMW impress people with new skills?
  6. Design Process - Prototypes

  7. Design Process - Feedback from User Test Interviewee Willing price

    Advice Ex: ¥1000 No need to be a spoon Richer input and output Park Sensei: ¥2000~¥3000 (no more than ¥5000) Portable enough to make people willing to carry with Decide in what way to provide to the customer Randy: ¥3000~¥4000 Difficult to achieve refrigeration in technology Kado Sensei: ¥1000~¥3980 Single function and appearance Simple is best Muraoka: ¥5000 Likes refrigeration function more than heating The shape of stick is enough
  8. Design Process - Storyboard before

  9. We then when back and redefined our POV

  10. USER RESEARCH Ryohei Graduate Student, 24 Drink Barley Tea While

    Working Always prepare over 1L Barley Tea one day before and put it into the refrigerator for chilling Gary Graduate Student, 24 Eat Candies While doing assignments Buy candies as long as he passes by the convenience store. Yuval Graduate Student, 30 Drinks iced Latte While Writing Dissertation Has to drink coffee in a very slow pace in order that he can always have something to drink 仕事をしながら麦茶 を飲むのを好き 課題をしながらキャンデ ィーを食べるのを好き 論文を書きながらアイス ラッテを飲むのを好き

    CONCENTRATION” 集中するため、無意識で飲むことを通して、気分転換する
  12. USER RESEARCH Ryohei Graduate Student, 24 Always prepare over 1L

    Barley Tea one day before and put it into the refrigerator for chilling Yuval Graduate Student, 30 Has to drink coffee in a very slow pace in order that he can always have something to drink ZAWAZAWA: the tea’s taste become poor for being stored in refrigerator for one whole day. ZAWAZAWA: If drink slowly, the coffee get hot quickly in summer. When the ice melts, the latte will get very watery. Tea gets hot Coffee get watery There’s lots of work left 一日冷蔵庫で 保存すること によりお茶の 味が悪くなる ゆっくり飲むと夏には コーヒーがすぐにぬる くなる。氷が溶けると 、ラッテも水っぽくな る。
  13. POV A busy student in Lab Working on his assignment

    needs a way to Drink something cooling in summer because He need to get hydrated during work but actually He drinks for changing pace in order to concentrate on work constantly while he has to compromise that the drink get tepid during work 課題に集中している 冷たいものを飲む 仕事中に水分補給が必要になる 集中するために常に気分転換して飲み物を飲む が飲み物は温くなることを我慢しなければなら ない
  14. HMW QUESTIONS Tea gets hot Coffee get watery There’s lots

    of work left x Work Drink HMW provide a constant drink experience during long-time work HMW make chilling experience better and more convenient HMW keep people hydrated and relaxed during the hot summer 長時間の仕事に変わらない飲み体験を提供する より良い、より便利な冷却体験を作る 暑い夏の間に人々を水分補給させ、リラックスさせておく
  15. Design principle Principle Description Safety Appropriate temperature, airtight, and leakage

    protection Portable Small and convenient to carry Usability User friendly, simple operation Commonality Fit all kinds of beverages Reusable Economical to be used for long time Not to Do Hurt the user Impractical design A think Manual book Extortionate price Unresolved More accurate temperature control Further portability (foldable, storage) Linkage with beverage manufacturers
  16. Product sketch / prototype

  17. CAD

  18. VALUE PROPOSITION ‐ Controlling the drink temperature as desired. ‐

    Keep the users’ working pace as they can drink constant cool drink. ‐ Make the drinking experience more convenient. ‐ Keep the drink cool without destroying the original taste of the beverage (avoid melted ice).
  19. STORYBOARD 1 2 3 4 5 6

  20. Functional Design ProtoType Stand and Clamp Fan Heat Sink Peltier

    Chip Heat Pipe Securing Plate
  21. How it Works Net diffusion of hot holes from the

    hot to cold end. The holes are positively charged, so a net diffusion to the cold end causes the cold end to have a higher voltage relative to the hot end. Thermoelectric Effect Net diffusion of hot electrons from the hot to cold end. Due to the negative charge of the electrons, this diffusion causes the cold end to have a lower voltage relative to the hot end. ホットホールのネット拡散は熱い端 から冷たい端まで行う。 ホールが正電荷を持っているので、 冷たい端に終わるネット拡散により 冷たい端は熱い端に対してより高い 電圧にする。 ホット電子のネット拡散は熱い端から冷た い端まで行う。 電子が負電荷を持っているので、冷たい端 に終わるネット拡散により冷たい端は熱い 端に対してより低い電圧にする。
  22. How it Works Core of device is a Peltier cooler

    - Made of many alternative n-type and p-type semiconductors - Thermoelectric generator run backwards - Using an electrical source, reverse current flow (as opposed to a load) - One junction gets cold and the other gets hot
  23. Prototype

  24. Prototype

  25. Feedback from User Test • Satisfied with the chilled temperature

    of water. • Quick and efficient to cool the water. • Portable to carry. Positive Negative Neutral • Complicated procedure to use (for prototype). • Need to consider to the aspect of sanitation. • Prefer to use it outdoor or during travelling. • The device may match with drinks like coffee and juice more.
  26. Related Product Matrix Compared to Thermos: 1) The cup only

    simply lengthens the time that drinks become tepid. It cannot keep the drink cold all the time. 2) As a portable freezer, UMAI also allows you to adjust the temperature of your drink at will. This can't be done by using a thermos cup. Compared to Ice: 1) It's a hassle to carry some ice cube outdoor 2)Ice cubes are not perfect for cooling beverages due to they melt and destroy the taste of your beverage.
  27. Financial Report No Product Name Unit Price Quantity Subtotal Total(Inc.

    Tax) 1 Heat pipes 11.21mm×80mm 730 3 2190 10532 2 Heat pipes 8.01mm×200mm 864 2 1728 3 CPU cooler SCBYK-1000I 3024 1 3024 4 Peltier element 2201 1 2201 5 Thermal Paste 1389 1 1389
  28. Future Development Fan on top to improve heat transfer Body

    made of highly conductive material
  29. Reflective Action Why you? We have the concept and the

    technological know how to produce idea Why now? It is a recurring problem that has happened for a long time, and the technology is possible Why this? It allows for both instantly cooling without destroying the taste User University research students Problem Drink cold drinks to keep concentration whilst studying Solution A device they can place in there drink which will instantly cool drinks down “How much is it worth solving?” Its a device that has many further applications especially in a world we are trying to cut down on consumption of plastic and energy “How much is it possible to solve?” We have already proved it works on a larger scale, the next step is how to minimise the size of the technology
  30. Individual Reflections It was interesting in working in this team

    together and playing to each others strengths, and cohesively forming a new solution with each other -Billie Interesting experience focusing on the concept and story more than the details and product. - Justinian Different from DTF, I think making a real object in EDP is really interesting. This allows people to experience the limitations of turning ideas into reality. I'm glad to be able to finish all the works in this team. -Banner (N.He) I learned and experienced so much on this class by working with people from many different countries and majors. -Kotaro It is a nice experience of working with people with different backgrounds. We exchange our ideas a lot and I learned many knowledge from different disciplines. Also it is a good experience to learn how to manage so many works in limited time. -Weijie This is a good opportunity to practice Design Thinking and have some hand-on experience. The outcome of how the teamwork bring to the final product is amazing and worth the efforts. PS: Please equip a glue gun - a great tool for prototyping. -Pham Viet Anh (Anthony)
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