Taking Cloud Databases to the Edge at All Things Open

Taking Cloud Databases to the Edge at All Things Open

Database apps on mobile devices or Internet of Things (IoT) devices shouldn’t stop working when there’s limited or no network connectivity. Learn how to bring data stored in a cloud database to the edge of the network (and back again), whenever an Internet connection is available. This talk will demonstrate techniques for replicating cloud databases with devices in order to build offline-enabled apps that can provide a better, faster user experience, both offline and online. The focus of this talk will be on IBM Cloudant, Apache CouchDB and PouchDB, an embeddable JavaScript database.

Attendees will learn how to use Apache CouchDB and PouchDB to access and synchronize data on devices with data in IBM Cloudant. They will learn how to create a PouchDB database, create a new document, update a document, delete a document, query a database, synchronize PouchDB with Cloudant, and live update a user interface based on database changes.


Bradley Holt

October 19, 2015