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Designing Fun Chat Apps

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January 19, 2016

Designing Fun Chat Apps

How to build conversational interfaces that are engaging.



January 19, 2016


  1. Designing Chat Apps* David ‘DC’ Collier FUN! *conversational

    user interfaces
  2. Structural • gamification • bot - user context and relationship

    • timing • wide vs.deep • personality and backstory
  3. Gamification in the chat

  4. Bot <> User relationship User <> Bot Team bots Background

    bots User > Bot > User NPC characters
  5. Visual • typography • embedded content • interactive widgets

  6. Bot typography

  7. Embedded Content

  8. Interactive Chat Menus and Widgets

  9. Conversational

  10. Moving beyond “slot filling” chats

  11. Approaches to Natural Conversation

  12. Chat App Scripting Languages ChatScript written in C. You need

    to build your own makefile etc for OSX very sophisticated script lang and toolchain but hard to work with. Includes wordnet and other NLP tools RiveScript many versions - Go, Perl, Java and JS NPM module easy to use and understand chat scripting language easy to build into your own bot/app SuperScriptJS was originally RiveScript + extensions for NLP Javascript with native modules (wordnet etc) more complex to embed in your app than RiveScript author @silentRob now works for Slack! Lots of JS NLP extensions, now merged into Natural Node https: //
  13. NLP and NLG Certainly! When would you like to go?

    We sure are! How many would you like? Sure thing. Let me know when you want to go. Hi! I’d like to buy a ticket Do you sell tickets to ... When is the next show? I heard you guys are selling ... { item: ticket intent: buy }
  14. blended humans + bots - “Artificial AI”

  15. Chat app scripting environment

  16. Ecosystemical!

  17. EcoSystem / Opportunity App Store / Google Play Apps websites

    Google Slack Directory Bots / Chat Apps FB Messenger / LINE / WeChat / Telegram / …. Apps Web Chat B2C Messaging Apps
  18. Thanks :) @dcsan Botkit + Rivescript fork

  19. None