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Why I wish I'd heard of Docker when I was 12

48cbbcbc82b366acd60aec43fef524da?s=47 Finnian Anderson
April 18, 2017

Why I wish I'd heard of Docker when I was 12

My DockerCon 17 slides about how I got started with Docker and what I plan to do with it in the future.


Finnian Anderson

April 18, 2017


  1. Why I wish I’d heard of Docker when I was

    12 Finnian Anderson Co-founder & Director FleetReach, Student
  2. Before Docker 1. Raspberry Pi 2. Learning to code 3.

    Node.js apps Menu With Docker 1. Mentorship 2. Docker Swarm 3. CI/CD pipelines After Docker 1. Fame 2. Fortune 3. FleetReach!
  3. From Raspberry Pi to Node.js Before Docker

  4. How it all started Pi

  5. • Python • Low-level networking • API design ReCoRVVA Remote

    Controlled Robot Vehicle for Various Applications
  6. How NOT to submit a PR Nondescript commits Rewriting history

    is dangerous! Learning git
  7. Open data powered revision app • Node • Collaborative coding

  8. Open data powered healthy-eating app • Collaborative coding • Efficient

    consumption of APIs Healthy subjectrefresh.info/healthy
  9. Ultra-lightweight URL shortener • Collaborative coding subr.pw

  10. From Docker Swarm to CI/CD pipelines With Docker

  11. Captain Alex Ellis @alexellisuk Inspiration

  12. A Raspberry Pi Docker cluster with 5 nodes subr.pw/alexswarm Docker

  13. With Raspberry Pi and GPIO Zero • Scaling a Docker

    Swarm app • Benchmarking • Monitoring in real time subr.pw/swarm Monitoring a Docker Swarm in real time
  14. Find it in the museum! #TweetDock

  15. • What is CI? • Why is it useful? •

    What do I use it for? CI/CD pipelines
  16. Fame and fortune! After Docker

  17. A sailing platform deployed with Docker FleetReach fleetreach.co.uk

  18. Thank you! finnian.io/blog 
 @developius @docker #dockercon