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CFP Advice for Global Diversity CFP Day 2019 Jakarta

Didik Wicaksono
March 02, 2019

CFP Advice for Global Diversity CFP Day 2019 Jakarta

Didik Wicaksono

March 02, 2019


  1. CFP Advice from CFP Committee I hope my advice works!

  2. Didik Wicaksono Github: @firewalker06 Twitter/IG: @did1k

  3. - Ruby Indonesia Meetups https://ruby.id - Ruby Conference Indonesia https://ruby.id/conf

    Co-organizers of
  4. Ruby Indonesia Meetups

  5. Ruby Conference Indonesia 2017

  6. I reviewed CFPs

  7. But my CFP never got accepted

  8. None
  9. Before we begin...

  10. Believe that You have a chance to give talk

  11. Even if your CFP is rejected

  12. Lesson 1 Talk in Meetups

  13. - Talking in meetups is easy, contact the organizer! -

    Most meetup lack speakers Meetups
  14. - Smaller audience - People don’t care if you never

    gave talks - Better conversation Why you should talk in meetups?
  15. - Meetup organizers are good natured folks - People are

    forgiving on first timers Based on experience
  16. Lesson 2 Find some topics

  17. - Wrote down achievements no matter small - Pick a

    topic that is most comfortable to you Finding Topics
  18. - Problems solved at work - It doesn’t have to

    be deep into technical things - Unfinished business can also be interesting! Comfortable topics
  19. Build your confidence by speaking in lots of meetups!

  20. People don’t care if you talk repeatedly in a meetup

  21. Once you got the confidence...

  22. Lesson 3 Talk in conference!

  23. - https://www.papercall.io/ to manage CFPs About Ruby Conference Indonesia

  24. - whether you can do coding demo or not -

    whether you can do job advertising - presentation design (fonts, background color, etc) - code of conducts - use certain language - whether presentation requires internet connection - theme topics to choose Read CFP guidelines carefully
  25. - we have two round of reviews - we use

    anonymous reviewing first, to rate talks - we remove anonymity to choose the best talks from each person (yes you can submit more than 1 talk!) - we are aiming for diverse speakers Our CFP Review Process
  26. TIPS

  27. - follow the guidelines to every word! - submit more

    than 1 talk to increase your chance CFP Tips
  28. - some conference give discounts to people who submit, even

    if rejected - don’t afraid to ask the organizer about the CFP CFP Tips cont...
  29. - learn from other speakers - watch conf talks on

    YouTube: - Confreaks - Perkodi CFP Tips cont...
  30. None
  31. As closing: My first time speaking in front of 700

    people In Bath, United Kingdom only 5 minutes Lightning Talk
  32. Believe that YOU have a chance to give talk