The future of education: design, literacies and digital technologies

Bf888f9da81377bdfcd2fa7e3c07c183?s=47 Grainne Conole
October 26, 2018

The future of education: design, literacies and digital technologies

Digital technologies enable teachers and learners to interact with rich multimedia resources and a variety of ways to communicate and collaborate. They have the potential to support innovative pedagogical approaches and to offer learners an engaging and motivational learning environment. Free resources and courses are challenging traditional educational offerings. Furthermore we are preparing learners for an uncertain future, to do jobs that don’t even exist today. Therefore it is important that we enable them to develop higher order competencies (such as critical thinking and problem solving) rather than focusing on knowledge recall. The talk will critique today’s digital landscape and postulate on the future of education. It will argue that we need new approaches to design and effective use of learning analytics to harness the potential of digital technologies, and to enable learners to become lifelong learners. It will draw on a recent report on the future of education for Open Universities Australia, as well as an EU-commissioned report on best practices in the use of digital technologies and the future of education in Europe.


Grainne Conole

October 26, 2018