Technology and Tourism Start up bootcamp

E56fd85ede6a6e1298f9a6b02ad814d4?s=47 Marc Farssac
January 25, 2017

Technology and Tourism Start up bootcamp

In January 2017 I created and presented this bootcamp concept as part of a Tourism development program using the latest technologies in the south of Catalonia. I presented it in the Chamber of Commerce in Girona to the different leaders and members of the Catalan entrepreneurship steering committee.

The main goal was to give entrepreneurs the tools needed to bring their technology and tourism related ideas forward at the time that they could get to know other participants that could complement their business ideas.

Participants were selected with four backgrounds, namely Technology, Tourism, Business and other sciences (Biology, Sports, First Aid among others)

The program starts with the presentation of each entrepreneur ideas and shaping the pitching skills. Then evolves with the subjects of a targeted course.

Participants work in teams composed of four members coming from each of the disciplines and help each other with feedback from their expertise area. Teams change as a way to get feedback from all participants and get to know each other. This way, projects increase in quality at the time that participants get a better understanding of each other participants entrepreneurship ideas and human beings behind them.

As the program evolves participants start natural selection process where themselves choose the best ideas and forget those with less chances to success.

At the end of the program, sixteen participants have built four teams and are pursuing the best four business ideas of the start with strong and multidisciplinary teams.

Marc Farssac took an intensive pedagogy training in Cotbus, Brandenburg (Germany) in the time from August 2015 to February 2016 at the "Staatcliches Schulamt", Education Authority responsible to build future teachers.


Marc Farssac

January 25, 2017