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No one is an island. Learnings from fostering a developers community.

No one is an island. Learnings from fostering a developers community.

Talk for the first meet-up of the newly formed Go Tunisian Community.

In this 15 minutes presentation, I talked about my experience as an attendee first, and an organiser later, of the LondonGophers community, a meet-up group based in London for the Go programming language.

For each step, I share my learning and my suggestion to the members of this new community, with some tips at the end to start contributing from today.


June 06, 2020

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  1. No one is an island. Learnings from fostering a developers

  2. Who am I Antonio Software Engineer @DeliverooEng Co-organiser @LondonGophers ❤

    Programming, cycling, making my own pizza and brewing my own beer. Twitter: @londongopher_
  3. Why This talk?

  4. Learnings Communities enhance humans Anyone can help, in their own

    way Building trust takes time Inclusion is particularly important
  5. context.Background() » ✈ Moved to London " from Italy in

    April 2015 » Joined "London Gophers" in December 2015 » Became one of the organisers in August 2017
  6. Why I joined a dev community » Learn about the

    local culture and values » Build meaningful connections, or even friendships » Be supported by - and support - others » Learn new things on the subject (Go!) - good quality talks are very important, and give people something to talk about
  7. #1 Communities enhance humans

  8. “Appreciate every aspect of your Go community - talks content

    is only part of the equation.”
  9. How I participated more actively » Helped with the first

    hack-night in a while » Pushed to regularly live-stream our events » Designed the first version of our logo “Made those changes I wanted to see happening, without expecting others to do that for me”
  10. None
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  12. #2 Anyone can help in their own way

  13. “If you don't know how you can help, ask: there

    is always something you can do.”
  14. Why I joined the organising team » I like helping

    people do what I'm too scared of doing - hello public speaking ! » I thought I could be part of the solution to something I identified as important to me, and to others “Simply put: it's rewarding.”
  15. The starfish and the spider “In open organizations, a catalyst

    is the person who initiates a circle and then fades away into the background.”
  16. LondonGophers in numbers 2013-2020 “Standing on the shoulders of giants.”

  17. #3 Building trust takes time

  18. “Give feedback: it's much quicker to make improvements based on

    real opinions.”
  19. What's the secret ingredient? » Be aware of your unconscious

    bias, never assume to know what others like, or expect: ask, and listen » Don't be afraid of different opinions: be open to challenge, and embrace change - that's where growth hides » Be transparent and inclusive » Don't split: multiply
  20. Don't split: multiply A few initiatives born from within the

    community » Go Study Group (started by Beth Anderson) » LondonGophers Hack Night (myself and Dom, then Paul Jolly) » Go Contributors Workshop (Daniel Martí) » Foundations of Go (make sure all expertise levels are represented) » GopherCon UK + GoTime FM collaboration
  21. #4 Inclusion is particularly important

  22. “Represent yourself and your group: everyone's voice should be heard.

    Don't assume, be kind.”
  23. To recap » Appreciate every aspect of your Go community

    » If you don't know how you can help: ask » Give feedback » Represent yourself and your group » Don't assume and be kind
  24. How can I help » Propose a talk, and don't

    assume it's not interesting » Help someone practicing with their talk, give feedback » Help finding speakers within your network, or sponsors who share your values » Help with a social media account » Collect/create resources for others to use » Come up with something you'd like to see, and make it happen
  25. Some people can be islands

  26. Community organisers make sure there are bridges that can be

  27. Here are some of the faces behind LondonGophers Beth Anderson

    Benjamin Bryant Dominic Green Paul Jolly Antonio Troina Kat Zien
  28. Meet-up Group: https://www.meetup.com/LondonGophers/ Website: https://gophers.london YouTube: https://youtube.com/LondonGophers Slack: #london on

    the Gophers Slack Resources: » Growing a community of Gophers » The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations » Meet-up organiser runbooks
  29. Thanks for listening Fin