Overview: Time Patrol

8f57589467d98e330838c4fe1ff08316?s=47 Bob Mayer
January 15, 2016

Overview: Time Patrol

the TIME PATROL series Coming 2016

"Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past." 1984. George Orwell
Same date... different years... 6 events in history...

The Time Patrol must send one member to each of the 6 events in history in order to secure our timeline. If they fail? We have no future.


Bob Mayer

January 15, 2016


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    The Time Patrol "Who controls the past controls the future;

    who controls the present controls the past." George Orwell. 1984 Coming in 2016: Six new titles in the series!
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    Area 51: Nightstalkers Series First they were the Nightstalkers. The

    Special Ops team that took care of the things that go bump in the night. Or do worse things than bump. They begin to realize that these problems are somehow caused by a disruption in our planet’s space-time continuum. Click for video
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    Area 51: Nightstalkers Series They manage to seal the Rift

    in time and space. They’ve saved the planet. Or have they? Click for video
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    The Time Patrol The Nightstalkers are alerted once more. Not

    for Fireflies or sealing a Rift. The Time Patrol has gone missing. A unit they hadn’t even known existed. And bad things are beginning to happen once more. Click for video
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    The Time Patrol The Nightstalkers now ARE the Time Patrol.

    And their first mission requires them to travel back in time. To the same date. In different years. 29 October. Better known as BLACK TUESDAY. Click for video
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    Coming in 2016. 6 New Titles in the Series, all

    on the day they cover. click here and pre-order Ides of Time Patrol: Ides of March.
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    Author Note I wrote these books because I loved the

    characters created for the Nightstalkers. Then I added in my fascination with history and “what-if’s”. What could really change our timeline? What if there are parallel worlds? Actually, this series is connected to my Atlantis series in that some of the characters in there, show up here, along with the concept or parallel worlds and time travel. I’ve sold over 5 million copies of my books and still working hard. I am a NY Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly, etc. Bestselling Author. West Point graduate, former Special Ops, only male author on Romance Writers Honor Roll. Yes, I am eclectic. And, yes, that’s Cool Gus. The brains behind this operation.
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    The Atlantis Series “Spell-binding!” #1 NY Times Bestselling Author Terry

    Brooks for the Atlantis series by Bob Mayer. (click on box to play video)
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    Over 2 million copies of the Area 51 series have

    sold worldwide. Cool Gus’ jeep w/ Area 51 clearance>>> Screenplay for Area 51 penned by writer of Alien, Total Recall and producer of The Minority Report. AREA 51 SERIES