Sicamp - Bubble project presentation

309287088ccfe196428a5dbe2b051c48?s=47 Aaron Bassett
September 16, 2011

Sicamp - Bubble project presentation

Our final product presentation from the 2011 Sicamp Scotland. Bubble was a mobile app which tracked how often you communicated with your friends/family and would trigger notifications if you started to drift too far away


Aaron Bassett

September 16, 2011


  1. None
  2. The Social Problem.

  3. Women without close friends are four times more likely to

    die than those with 10 or more *2006 study of women with breast cancer
  4. I don’t want to experience this alone Life changes: Physical

    or mental illness Moving to a new community Attending a conference (like SI Camp)
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  6. None
  7. Paula’s Story Living with Breast Cancer

  8. Many bubbles, many markets, multiple opportunities

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  12. Revenue streams Open source core available for free Bespoke /

    Branded versions Hosted bubbles (subscription or ads)
  13. Whats next?

  14. I can see very quickly how Bubble could be used

    to increase and protect wellbeing. From applications in the self-management of long term physical or mental health problems, or addressing barriers such as shyness and low self esteem, Bubble could fit Chris O’Sullivan - Chair, Action on Depression