The Straight Up "How To Draw Better" Workshop

Aff5641764408271f7bc398f2097edd0?s=47 Dennis Kardys
November 02, 2013

The Straight Up "How To Draw Better" Workshop

One of the first things taught in sketching workshops is, “It’s okay—you don’t have to be good at drawing.” True as this may be, when it comes to visual thinking a little drawing skill goes a hell of a long way. Fortunately, anyone can learn to draw. Roll up your sleeves, it’s time to bust out the vine charcoal and take a studio crash course in drawing fundamentals. We’ll do some basic exercises designed to develop your visual perceptual skills while equipping you with an arsenal of rendering techniques you can apply right away.

If the terrifying stare of the blank white sketchbook page paralyzes you with dread, or feelings of self consciousness leave you hesitant to show your sketches, you should attend this session. Novice and expert sketcher alike, you’ll leave with more confidence in your drawing ability and some practice exercises that’ll have you seeing noticeable improvements in no time!


Dennis Kardys

November 02, 2013