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Puppet @ snowflake

Andri Steiner
July 07, 2015

Puppet @ snowflake

Zurich Puppet Meetup, 07.07.2015

Andri Steiner

July 07, 2015



  2. SNOWFLAKE Web agency "PREMIUM OPEN SOURCE" Zurich, Bern, Lucerne founded

    and still owned by 3 lads, ~50 employees Development Teams: CMS, eCommerce, Applications multiple staff sections, amongst others: Hosting
  3. INFRASTRUCTURE Racks hired in two different datacenters DWDM between those

    locations and Zurich office VPN to other offices RIPE LIR (AS198249), SwissIX
  4. HARDWARE Nutanix : "Invisible Infrastructure for Enterprise Computing" Package of

    software, management, hardware SDx, especially storage, multi tier caching Network: Arista based, redundant, active/active Layer 2 & 3
  5. with all platform aspects covered, we can solely focus on

    our virtual servers
  6. GOALS top performance small footprint (mail daemon, logging, ...) automate

    everything, no local modifications 1 click configuration trough API
  7. GOALS: PUPPET separate code (Modules) and configuration (Hiera) Puppet Forge

    usage (nginx, mysql, php, ...) wrapper modules whenever possible no manual interaction at all (DNS, Backup, Monitoring, Firewall, Billing, ...)
  8. WHAT WE DID development started in April 2014 128 Pull

    requests merged 1560 Commits 37'409 lines Puppet manifests 16'620 lines templates documentation: , CC BY-SA https://snowflakehosting.ch/
  9. ARCHITECTURE server trough Nutanix API (puppet-nutanix pending) configuration from Hiera

    Backend service (= wrapper module) added to server (Website, Database, Caching, ...) service has options (name, type, env, ...) website types: typo3cms, magento, uwsgi, .. environments: DEV, STAGE, PROD database types: mysql, postgres caching types: memcached, varnish
  10. EXAMPLE service: website, type: typo3cms

  11. HIERA BACKEND by now: YAML files in GIT w e

    b s i t e : : s i t e s : " s t v h o c h d o r f " : " p a s s w o r d " : " 1 2 3 4 " " s e r v e r _ n a m e " : " s t v h o c h d o r f . c h " " e n v " : " L I V E " " h t p a s s w d " : " 4 3 2 1 " " t y p e " : " t y p o 3 c m s "
  12. HIERA BACKEND under development: REST API, Angular frontend

  13. NEXT STEPS finishing REST API puppet-nutanix module publish whole stack

    under a open source license spread the word and find more interested parties who are interested in using and enhancing this setup
  14. THANK YOU https://www.snowflake.ch/jobs https://twitter.com/andristeiner https://speakerdeck.com/andristeiner FEEDBACK WELCOME ☺