Imperfection Machines: The Place of Print at Facebook

Imperfection Machines: The Place of Print at Facebook

The death of print and analog technologies has been greatly exaggerated. In fact, digital has paradoxically given many a new lease on life as a counterbalance to the effects of the ever-accelerating digital momentum engulfing our world. At Facebook, the Analog Research Lab might be described as the company’s cultural heartbeat, but it also a unique antidote to the abundance of technology and a means through which an entirely different kind of meaning can be found. It is equally a reflection of the company’s maker spirit — a place where meaning can be found in getting your hands dirty.

This talk will lift the covers on a side of Facebook few get to experience, and demonstrate the value real-world experiences have inside an organization where such things would commonly be at odds.


Scott Boms

June 14, 2018