To Invest in Yourself is to Invest in Others

B5c4ab5358d75f5a7480a65a2f0e56f5?s=47 Alicia R.
November 21, 2015

To Invest in Yourself is to Invest in Others

ELA Conf 2015
Philadelphia, PA

To invest in yourself is to invest in others. In a world that is pre-occupied in getting ahead and contributing to a community, we often find ourselves at a critical breaking point when it is too often too late. We put time into cultivating our work, relationships with others, and our families, but what about investing time in ourselves? Focusing on self-care is not a once and done deal. It is something that needs to become part of your routine whether it be daily, weekly, or monthly. This talk will examine and share various ways to help avoid burnout and solutions on how to make self-care part of your regular routine.


Alicia R.

November 21, 2015


  1. Alicia C. Raciti ELA Conference 2015 Philadelphia, PA @acr523 To

    Invest in Yourself is to Invest in Others #elaconf #investinyourself
  2. The Problems We Face #elaconf #investinyourself @acr523

  3. Life is Stressful 02 Society We find ourselves in a

    double bind* 03 Workplace Not everyone is so easy to work with We sometimes hold ourselves to an impossible standard 04 Individually 01 Technology We’re constantly plugged into the world around us * dilemma in which a person is presented with two contradictory messages or choices, making the dilemma impossible to resolve. #elaconf #investinyourself
  4. Your Energy Bucket Full Empty #elaconf #investinyourself @acr523

  5. Focusing on Yourself #elaconf #investinyourself @acr523

  6. Take Inventory ! What are 
 your stressors? ! !

    ! ! ! ! ! #elaconf #investinyourself @acr523
  7. Listen to Your Body Heart rate Cognitive strain and decision

    making Sleep patterns Eating habits and gut Physical exhaustion #elaconf #investinyourself @acr523
  8. Build Your Army #elaconf #investinyourself @acr523

  9. Find Your Space #elaconf #investinyourself @acr523

  10. Give Yourself Permission #elaconf #investinyourself @acr523

  11. Outcomes #elaconf #investinyourself @acr523

  12. Identify changes that need to be made in your life

    Create coping mechanisms for things you can’t change Be more in tune with your physical and emotional needs Learn your limits physically and emotionally #elaconf #investinyourself @acr523
  13. You will have energy
 to give to others #elaconf #investinyourself

  14. - Humans of Duquesne, September 22, 2015. "If I had

    to give advice to my past self, I would say to always put your needs first. Even though other people may need you, you should focus on yourself. Sometimes you just get too caught up with everyone else's lives. You just have to love yourself. Take care of yourself." #elaconf #investinyourself @acr523
  15. Thank you! #elaconf #investinyourself @acr523

  16. Alicia C. Raciti @acr523 #investinyourself