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International to global

Afa6e65b91b46f3317c3d3e94e9255f2?s=47 Grzegorz Witek
September 12, 2015

International to global

Presented at RubyConf Taiwan 2015


Grzegorz Witek

September 12, 2015


  1. international: 
 of, concerning, or involving two or more nations

    or nationalities global:
 covering, influencing, or relating to the whole world source: Collins English Dictionary
  2. from international to global @arnvald, RubyConf Taiwan, 2015

  3. None
  4. None
  5. None
  6. None
  7. None
  8. is anyone truly global?

  9. global:
 available to all users of the Internet source: me,

    for the purpose of this talk
  10. language

  11. English: ~28% of Internet users Mandarin: ~23% of Internet users

    Spanish: ~8% of Internet users Arabic: ~5% of Internet users
  12. English: ~55% of websites Mandarin: ~2.5% of websites Spanish: ~4.5%

    of websites Arabic: ~1% of websites
  13. Internet users Non-English English Internet websites Non-English English source: internetworldstats.com

  14. it’s great to have an app people can use in

    their native language
  15. you can get many more customers

  16. people appreciate when you reach out to them

  17. it’s difficult

  18. it is hard to keep application fully translated

  19. it is expensive

  20. people will email/call you in their language

  21. some languages enforce different design

  22. Chinese: no bold fonts, no italics, no capitals

  23. Arabic: right-to-left script

  24. Spanish: different form of “you” (formal and informal)

  25. payments

  26. credit cards are enough?

  27. people do not trust credit cards

  28. people do not trust Paypal

  29. people prefer to pay on delivery

  30. China: ~50% online payments done with Alipay source: chinainternetwatch.com

  31. gem ‘alipay_global’

  32. Indonesia: ~95% online payments with bank transfers source: techinasia.com

  33. Germany: ~50% online payments with bank transfers source: ekosglobal.com

  34. censorship

  35. local media

  36. Facebook-only registration?

  37. China, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Vietnam, North Korea

  38. Renren (⼈人⼈人), Taobao (淘宝) - Chinese OAuth

  39. internet speed

  40. how good is your CDN?

  41. how good is your CDN if you stay in China?

  42. how good is your CDN if you stay in South

  43. how good is your CDN if you stay in Argentina?

  44. source: aws.amazon.com

  45. Johannesburg to: Amsterdam: 174ms
 New York: 253ms
 Sao Paulo: 437ms

    Singapore: 471ms source: wondernetwork.com
  46. Buenos Aires to: Amsterdam: 242ms
 New York: 158ms
 Sao Paulo:

 Singapore: 384ms source: wondernetwork.com
  47. where are your application servers?

  48. where is your database?

  49. mobile

  50. native applications?

  51. you need mobile-optimized website anyway

  52. different design - more focused on content

  53. limited transfer + unstable connection

  54. mobile payments

  55. Kenya: 70% of cell phone owners pay via mobile source:pewglobal.org

  56. going international is very easy

  57. going global is still a big challenge

  58. from international to global @arnvald, RubyConf Taiwan, 2015