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My Artistic Journey

Mark Barsoum
November 16, 2020

My Artistic Journey

A quick presentation about my art experience so far! (was originally presented in PechaKucha format)

Mark Barsoum

November 16, 2020


  1. A quick presentation about my art experience so far! (was

    originally presented in PechaKucha format)
  2. My first drawing at six years old that showed I

    had some potential. My sister thought it was pretty good so she made me cut it out and paste it in a sketchbook.
  3. I kept drawing throughout elementary and early middle school. It

    was basically all fanart of cartoons and games that I loved.
  4. When I was nine I took a "Cartooning for Kids"

    summer class at Otis College of Art and Design. Little did I know I'd be back 13 years later for my BFA.
  5. I started losing touch with art in middle school and

    focusing more on my studies. I didn't really socialize or participate in extracurriculars, it was a pretty bland chapter of my life.
  6. In high school I kept up my studies but started

    getting way more involved with activities like sports medicine, the tennis team, and school service/leadership clubs.. but still no art.
  7. Senior year I took AP Studio Art but the teacher

    was a stoner and didn't really care what we did. So I didn't try and my work from that class was honestly embarrassing.
  8. It shouldn't have come as a surprise when I got

    a 1 (out of 5) on the AP exam. Throughout high school I kept telling everyone I wanted to be an artist, but that test result was a harsh realization that I hadn't developed my skills at all.
  9. I went to community college right after high school while

    all my friends moved away to various universities. I felt lonely and directionless and unmotivated.
  10. After a few semesters I decided to finally take some

    real art classes and learned a lot about drawing fundamentals.
  11. When it came time to transfer, my first choice was

    USC, but I'm glad I didn't get accepted. Otis ended up being a better fit for me (and more affordable).
  12. The Otis transfer counselor advised me to take one more

    semester at SMC to get ahead but I was so burnt out at that school I ended up dropping all the classes unfortunately.
  13. I started at Otis as a spring transfer in foundation

    year. For the first time I was surrounded by other artists who were equally and more skilled than I was. It was challenging but rewarding.
  14. One of my most valuable classes was life drawing. I

    had always told others that I couldn't draw people but that class helped me realize that I just never learned how. Figure drawing is a lifelong learning experience though.
  15. When it came time to choose a major I knew

    right away I would join Digital Media since I wanted to work in the animation industry. I also added a Graphic Design minor that was challenging in different ways.
  16. Throughout my major studies, I learned a variety of skills

    and programs that had always seemed so far out of reach. Even classes that were a little off track from my career focus felt valuable.
  17. I was lucky to get an iPad and download Procreate.

    The convenience of that app helped me level up my drawing skills plenty and for the first time, my work was starting to resemble the quality of artists I admired.
  18. The summer after junior year, I felt like I needed

    to really focus on one skill and career track.
  19. After a little deliberation, I knew storyboarding was my greatest

    interest. It combined all my strongest skills and would give me the opportunity to work at my dream studios since they all hire story artists.
  20. So as my senior year comes to an end and

    the finish line is in view, I'm feeling confident that I can find success in the animation industry as long as I keep working on my craft.