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Code Review Best Practice

Code Review Best Practice

We know that Code Reviews are a Good Thing. We probably have our own personal lists of things we look for in the code we review, while also fearing what others might say about our code. How to we ensure that code reviews are actually benefiting the team, and the application? How do we decide who does the reviews? What does “done” look like?

In this talk, Trisha will identify some best practices to follow. She’ll talk about what’s really important in a code review, and set out some guidelines to follow in order to maximise the value of the code review and minimise the pain.

Trisha Gee

July 23, 2020

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  1. • Gateway Reviews • Knowledge Sharing • Early Design Feedback

    Different workflows https://blog.jetbrains.com/upsource/tag/code-review-workflows/
  2. • During implementation? • When it’s ready to merge? •

    After it’s been merged? When do you review?
  3. • When everyone agrees? • When a gatekeeper agrees? •

    When all comments are addressed? When is the review complete?
  4. • Fit with the overall architecture • SOLID principles, Domain

    Driven Design, Design Patterns or other paradigms of choice • New code follows team’s current practices • Code is in the right place • Code reuse • Over-engineering • Readable code and tests • Testing the right things • Exception error messages • Subtle bugs • Security • Regulatory requirements • Performance • Documentation and/or help files been updated • Spelling, punctuation & grammar on user messages What to look for https://blog.jetbrains.com/upsource/tag/what-to-look-for/
  5. 1. Why 2. When 3. Who 4. Where 5. What

    6. How The process is clear