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Hybrid Scrum: Location May Vary

Jeanne Boyarsky
April 14, 2022

Hybrid Scrum: Location May Vary

Jeanne Boyarsky

April 14, 2022


  1. Hybrid Scrum: Location May Vary DevNexus April 14, 2022 Jeanne

    Boyarsky speakerdeck.com/boyarsky
  2. Types of Teams • Fully remote • Fully async •

    Multiple time zones • One time zone • One geographical area
  3. Types of Teams • Hybrid – any combo of •

    1+ offices • 1+ people WFH • 1+ time zones • 1+ geographical area • People onsite same day vs different days
  4. Types of Teams • Other options • Fully onsite –

    1+ offices • Offshoring
  5. Others? ???

  6. Me Role at job CodeRanch Fully remote Around the world

    Async No office Volunteer Writing Mostly remote Same time zone Mix of sync/async Work from home SM Developer Mentor robotics Students In person and remote
  7. First Next Then After # onsite offices Two One Three

    Three Full time WFH Yes No Yes Yes Partial WFH Yes Yes Yes Yes Time zone range Two One Three Two Pre-COVID Team Structure at Job
  8. Scenario Notes 16 months full WFH Two timezones, 5 states,

    1 cat and everyone at home Office pilot Still fully remote, but two of us did remote from the office. (different floors/ limited interaction in person). Cat attends less Now Various by location COVID Team Structure at Job
  9. Case Study: Toastmasters • Some onsite • Some WFH •

    Some not comfortable in a room with others • Hybrid, but what does this mean?
  10. Case Study: Toastmasters • Options: • Remote first – everyone

    at desk • Everyone on laptop in room • Room camera + laptop if not in room • Chose: • Room camera + laptop if not in room • Treat room camera as person in room
  11. Case Study: Conference • Options: • Fully remote • Least

    common denominator • At least as good as 2021 if online • Chose: • At least as good as 2021 if online
  12. This Matters! • Are you onsite focused? • Are you

    coming in for a reason or because it is Tuesday? • Is everyone the same regardless of location? • What mgmt/org constraints to you have? • Do people feel less/more productive at home?
  13. Discussion • Think about your situation. • What does hybrid

    mean to you? • Is onsite more important? • Everyone on level playing field?
  14. More scenarios ... • How would you handle? • Two

    people onsite in office and on Zoom • Two people onsite in office and have meeting with third WFH • Eight people onsite in office and one WFH • Eight people onsite in office and one in car
  15. Which would you choose • Roughly half of people in

    office • Options • Everyone on own screen/room webcam • Everyone on own webcam in conf room • Everyone at desk • Other
  16. Is WFH Voluntary? • Affects • Camera usage • Expectation

    of quiet environment • What else?
  17. Appreciating other’s WFH env • Leaders WFH regularly • Staff

    WFH regularly • Work remote from office regularly
  18. Humor! Sheldon-bot : Can you tell me the specials this

    evening? Penny: Sheldon, I’m not waiting on you. Sheldon-bot: Obviously. I don’t even have water yet. Penny: Because you’re not here. Sheldon-bot: That’s discrimination against the otherwise located. I’m going to have to go over your head. Manager, manager. Oh, Lord, look who it is.
  19. Vocabulary Term Problems “Going to work today” So you didn’t

    work from home? “On the phone” We are all on the phone. Just some from a room “Home Office” Some people are on the couch/a table “Onsite” The office is the center of the world?
  20. Vocabulary Term Problems “remote” Not at the office? “telecommuting” Sounds

    old. Are you using a telephone? ”virtual” Replicating the office experience online
  21. Tool: Video/Screenshare • Google Meet • Zoom • Teams •

    Skype Chat sidebar/ backchannel
  22. Tool: Persistent/Shared Messaging • Slack • Discord • Teams •

    Discussion board Also one on one
  23. Tool: Phone Option • Company phone bridge • Zoom dial

    in • Teams dial in (add on) • WebEx Fallback if computer broken/ Low bandwidth
  24. Tool: Learning aid • “The Moose” can attend meetings •

    Helpful as a crutch when not used to having remotes • Reminds the person is participating • Or stuffed animal/prop
  25. Tool: Pointing Poker Let’s play. Go to https://www.pointingpoker.com

  26. Pointing Poker – Player 1

  27. Pointing Poker – Player 2

  28. Pointing Poker - Consensus

  29. Antipattern • Point webcam at whiteboard • Take a photo

    • Narrate Remember your remotes are first class citizens. (Don’t do these)
  30. Other tools What are your favorites • Online post its?

    • Online whiteboards?
  31. Sprint Planning • Lessons • If “remote” people are quiet,

    ask what think • Make sure only one person has floor at a time • If “main” room, don’t press mute • If at home, do press mute (fire engines, etc)
  32. Standup • Priority order • Pause longer if audio only

    so others can speak • By person • Spot in circle • Pick order • Pick next person
  33. Standup • Talking points • Do you stand? • Open

    early to chat • What time should the standup be? What time is “morning”?
  34. Remote Pairing • Lessons • Don’t fight over the mouse/keyboard

    • Pay attention – don’t “multi-task” • Pros/cons between chat/voice
  35. Interaction • Remember to IM/chat • Part of team •

    Virtual lunch • Virtual happy hour • Water Cooler/Chicken Coop
  36. Retrospectives • Aid for an outspoken team or team who

    hasn’t gelled yet or isn’t used to remote • Raise hand remotely • Finger vote • Post its/online voting
  37. Sprint Review • Lessons • Reinforce body language of folks

    in “room”. For example, thumbs up. • Have product owner remote sometimes
  38. Questions ?