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Tips for Migrating to Picasso2.71828 #potatotips

Tips for Migrating to Picasso2.71828 #potatotips


July 26, 2018

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  1. Changes for 2.71826 Picasso.with(getContext()) .load(url) .into(imageView,new Callback(){ @Override public void

    onSuccess() { } @Override public void onError(Exception e) { } }) 2.71828
  2. Compatibility with Okhttp3Downloader w 0LIUUQ%PXOMPBEFS͸ෳ਺͋Δ w +BLF8IBSUPOQJDBTTPPLIUUQEPXOMPBEFS w 1JDBTTPͷதʹ͋Δ΋ͷ w

    +BLFͷํͷ0LIUUQ%PXOMPBEFSΛ࢖͍ͬͯͨ https://github.com/JakeWharton/picasso2-okhttp3-downloader/issues/29