Автоматизация регрессии аналитики

Автоматизация регрессии аналитики

Talk by Andrii Rogulin

Андрей расскажет нам об автоматизации регрессии аналитики, а именно:
- Как упростить жизнь Data Analytics и QA.
- Как (почти) избавиться от Charles при проверке аналитики
- Как подружить UI тесты, сбор и проверку аналитики
- Решения и инструменты

This talk was made for CocoaFriday #4 ( https://cocoaheads.org.ua/cocoafriday/4) which took place June 14, 2019

Video: https://youtu.be/jwsohbSNZ2M


CocoaHeads Ukraine

June 14, 2019


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    – Arthur C. Nielsen, Market Researcher & Founder of ACNielsen

    The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.
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    - But what can we do? - Automate it! -

    But what will we get? Reduced time for analytics testing CI-driven analytics checks Reduced risk of human-driven mistakes Avoid breaks in analytics during refactoring
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    Setup Homebrew Node+npm Maven (or Gradle) Appium Appium Desktop (optional)

    Appium Doctor (optional but recommended) System variables: - JAVA_HOME - M2_HOME - M2 Java libs selenium-java TestNG Appium Allure ...
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 (Open-Source lib) Web Driver Agent iOS Simulator Your Application

 Server Your
 UI tests code TestNG + Maven + Java How it works
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    Setting up profiles (for Maven) pom.xml <profile> <id>My-UItests=Profile-12.1</id> <properties> <hub.url></hub.url>

    <directory>project.xml</directory> <app.path>${project.basedir}/../Project.ipa</app.path> <language>en</language> </properties> </profile> TestNG xml path to your .ipa file
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    Unit tests - Tests will vary depending on application’s architecture

    - Tests will be different on each platform (iOS, Android, etc)
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    File rolling by: - file size - time - session

    Multiple files management - number of files File reuse policy
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    How things are going… generally You’re likely to have such

    code somewhere regardless to your app architecture
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    Couple words about CI What actually happens: 1) Cleaning build

    folder 2) Updating dependencies 3) Build for simulator 4) Wrapping .app to .ipa
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    Couple words about CI 5) Pulling Automation tests repo to

    subfolder 6) Checking out needed automation tests branch 7) Starting Appium 8) Running UI tests 9) Killing Appium after all
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    Bonus - Handy analytics log to be passed as a

    new expected result to automation tests - On-device autonomous analytics testing DON’T FORGET TO REMOVE IT IN THE APP STORE BUILDS
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    Results - Analytics regression tests that can be run on

    CI - Analytics log file to be passed around - Time economy for manual tests - Handy real-time analytics logging for manual tests - Autonomous analytics on-device testing and sharing - Reduced chance of human-driven mistakes while doing routine analytics checks - Platform and architectural independent tests and Analytics in NOT the only thing you can log and share with your 
 UI tests ;)