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Fireside Chat

September 13, 2021

Fireside Chat


September 13, 2021


  1. None
  2. Dialog Cap: Sure is coming down out there huh!

  3. Dialog Cap: Hope the roof doesn't give.

  4. Dialog OPAL: Yeah.

  5. None
  6. Dialog CAP: So!

  7. Dialog CAP: Not every day you run away from home!

  8. Dialog CAP: You excited?

  9. Dialog OPAL: Excited...?f

  10. Dialog CAP: Yeah! I mean...

  11. Dialog CAP: There's a whole world out there you haven't

  12. Dialog OPAL: I suppose.

  13. Dialog OPAL: But it's so scary.

  14. Dialog CAP: Course it's scary!

  15. Dialog CAP: I've never met someone who left home without

    feeling a bit scared.
  16. Dialog CAP: God knows I was scared.

  17. Dialog OPAL: This is different.

  18. Dialog OPAL: I didn't leave. I fled.

  19. Dialog OPAL: And if they find me...

  20. Dialog OPAL: Do you have any idea what would happen?

  21. Dialog OPAL: I can't even bring myself to think about

  22. Dialog OPAL: My father...

  23. Dialog CAP: Hey...

  24. Dialog OPAL: Oh GOD.

  25. Dialog OPAL: If he ever finds us out here

  26. Dialog OPAL: He'll KILL you.

  27. Dialog OPAL: ...

  28. Dialog OPAL: And he'll kill me, too.

  29. Dialog OPAL: We can't stay here.

  30. Dialog OPAL: I won't let him lay a hand on

    anyone that I...
  31. Dialog OPAL: love.