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[RubyConfBR 2017] Refatorando Rails apps com confiança

Flavia Fortes
November 17, 2017

[RubyConfBR 2017] Refatorando Rails apps com confiança

Flavia Fortes

November 17, 2017


  1. Vida real • Cobrança por entrega • Projeto com deadline

    • Bugs em produção • Problemas de performance
  2. Impactos: • Trabalhoso • Demorado • Difícil de testar •

    Pode não entregar valor para o usuário final
  3. YAGNI (You ain't gonna need it) • think of better

    abstractions? • consider different naming? • maybe you just need a new model?
  4. "There is no refactoring that is always a great idea.

    You always have to say: is this worth it given the components of my system as they are?" - Ben Orenstein