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Oracle Service Bus 12c: What You Always Wanted to Ask

Oracle Service Bus 12c: What You Always Wanted to Ask

OSB Stuff and Showstoppers.


Frank Munz

March 01, 2017

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  1. Oracle Service Bus 12c Everything You Always Wanted to Know

    About OSB 12c But Were Afraid to Ask munz & more, 14-Nov 2016
  2. Who’s that guy? • Dr. Frank Munz • Founded munz

    & more in 2007 • 15 years Oracle WebLogic and Middleware • Consulting and High-End Training • Three Oracle / Cloud books • @frankmunz on Twitter 2 Frank Munz 2016
  3. The most comprehensive Oracle applications & technology content under one

    roof Service Oriented Architecture? Frank Munz 2016 #3
  4. Interwoven mess with point to point integration The Enemy Portal

    RichClient WebApp Fraud Billing Network CRM web service? -> Slide #4 Frank Munz 2016
  5. General Questions • Where is your business logic ? •

    What if you need to change it? • How many systems require changes if one system changes … – A service API – A tranport protocol Frank Munz 2016 #5
  6. So how does the solution look then? We talk about

    SOA. Will introduce and explain ... • EAI • BPM (Oracle BPM) • BPEL (Oracle SOA Suite) ... and then see what role an OSB takes in SOA. Frank Munz 2016 #6
  7. EAI Characteristics • Addresses the integration problem -> Supports many

    technical protocols • You need to deploy the solution (EAR / JVM), like the old BEA WLI, Tibco Businessworks • Does NOT support real business processes -> Technical level, NOT business level -> No long running processes (e.g. 10 years?) -> Not good in versioning -> Oracle Service Bus can do better Slide #7 Frank Munz 2016
  8. Drag and Drop Programming BPM, EAI and OSB: They all

    have executable, graphical flow diagrams. Frank Munz 2016 #8
  9. BPEL Characteristics • Technical orchestration • Often no human interaction

    (yes, there is BPEL4People …) • Can be stateful • Medium-long running processes -> Oracle SOA Suite has BPEL engine Frank Munz 2016 #9
  10. BPM Characteristics • Business architect draws executable workflow that make

    sense for business • Human interaction: Forms etc. • Long running processes supported (e.g. 2 yearly vehicle inspection stickers, TÜV) • Support different versions of long running processes • Adaptive Case Management (ACM) -> Oracle BPM provides all the above Frank Munz 2016 #10
  11. Service Bus • Also addresses EAI aspects but it's configuration

    driven! • Service bus is stateless • Supported protocols same as for EAI broker • Not BPM, not BPEL, and more than EAI -> Service Virtualization Layer -> Oracle Service Bus Slide #11 Frank Munz 2016
  12. SOA Definition "Service-Oriented Architecture is an IT strategy that organizes

    the discrete functions contained in enterprise applications into interoperable, standards-based services that can be combined and reused quickly to meet business needs.“ from BEA / Oracle Frank Munz 2016 #12
  13. SOA Layers What does OSB do? Orchestration? Choreography? Composition? S.

    Abeck, TH Karlsruhe Frank Munz 2016 #13
  14. Service Implementation Service Virtualization and Compositon Service Orchestration Service Choreography

    BPEL (technical flow) Service Bus Java EE .NET Go Scala Governance Repository Registry BPMN (human Workflow) Monitoring ErrHospital ESB and SOA: The Big Picture Frank Munz 2016 14
  15. The most comprehensive Oracle applications & technology content under one

    roof OSB Overview Frank Munz 2016 #15
  16. Proxy and Business Service Oracle Service Bus ProxyB BusinessY Client2

    ServiceImpl2 BusinessX ProxyA ServiceImpl1 ServiceImpl1 Client1 Slide #16 Frank Munz 2016 PipelineH PipeJ PipeK
  17. OSB Message Flow in Console Frank Munz 2016 #17

  18. Transport and Binding Layer Oracle Service Bus ProxyServiceB BusinessServiceY Client2

    ServiceImpl2 BusinessServiceX ProxyServiceA ServiceImpl1 ServiceImpl1 Client1 Transport Binding Transport Binding Slide #18 Frank Munz 2016 PL1 PL2
  19. Context Variables Slide #19 Frank Munz 2016 Variables are filled

    automatically logical variable Purpose $header SOAP header for SOAP Else: empty <soap:Header/> $body SOAP body for SOAP Else: <soap:Body> with entire payload $attachements SOAP attachements $fault typed error information $inbound service, transport and security information of inbound protocol $outbound outbound protocol $operation current operation
  20. Separate Pipelines from Proxy Frank Munz 2016 #20 Proxy Service

    Pipeline Business Service Proxy Service Pipeline Business Service OSB 11g OSB 12c: Pipelines are not part of Proxy Service and can be reused.
  21. Service Bus Client1 Client2 Client3 Client4 Service1 Service2 Service3 Client1

    Client2 Client3 Client4 Service1 Service2 Service3 Direct, point-to-point connections O(n^2) complexity Service Bus Topology O(n) complexity ESB Reduced Architectural Complexity Frank Munz 2016 21
  22. Service Bus VETO Pattern Client with data format vehicle A

    Service requires data format Vehicle B Validate Enrich Transform Operate Service with AdditionalData ESB VETO Pattern Frank Munz 2016 #22
  23. Service Bus $body.versionID==V2? Client V1 Service V1 Service V2 Client

    V2 Client V1 ESB Versioning (same for loose coupling) Frank Munz 2016 23
  24. Protocol Mix and Match Usage example: Facade your Tuxedo legacy

    services with web services Slide #24 Frank Munz 2016
  25. Security • OSB is the core mediator service in SOA

    -> central location for security -> WS-Security standard based • Inbound security (client to OSB) • Outbound (OSB to service implementation) • Authentication / Authorization • Encrypt transport layer or message part Frank Munz 2016 #25
  26. Monitoring Monitoring is based on • Alerts • Service Level

    Agreements (SLAs) • Reporting Provider Frank Munz 2016 #26
  27. Monitoring at Action Level Frank Munz 2016 #27

  28. Oracle Service Bus Cluster Managed Server1 Managed Server2 WLS Cluster

    Distributed OSB Cluster ProxyService BusinessService ServiceA BusinessService ProxyService ServiceA ServiceA Load Balancer Clients Clients Clients Frank Munz 2016 #28
  29. Service Bus Functionality Overview • Loose coupling • Location Transparency

    • Schema Transformation and Validation • Service Aggregation • Load balancing, Clustering for Availability • Security • Monitoring Configuration driven, stateless, and (incredibly) fast Frank Munz 2016 #29
  30. The most comprehensive Oracle applications & technology content under one

    roof Highlights of OSB 12c Frank Munz 2016 #30
  31. SOA Quickstart • Official quickstart avoids full installation – 1

    Installer, comes with JDeveloper – No extra DB needed – Used built-in WLS with compact domain – Cannot be extended for prod – Can we optimize it? Remove SOA Suite part?
  32. XQuery • Support for Xquery 1.0 (previously OSB 11g: XQuery

    2004) – Xquery modules / libraries – Create via wizzard / save – Reuse and import from JDeveloper
  33. Based on JDeveloper 12.2.1 • No more support for Eclipse

    in12c • Developers have to learn a new IDE • Better integration with SOA Suite Frank Munz 2016 #33
  34. Pipelines • Pipelines are not part of proxy anymore •

    Reuse of pipelines? • Templates – Pipeline template editor -> error handling – Linked (connected to template) or unlinked (copy of template)
  35. Pipeline Templates Frank Munz 2016 35

  36. New OFMCtrl Console Frank Munz 2016 #36

  37. JavaScript Action • New OSB 12c action • Use Rhino

    JavaScript engine • Works for REST and non-REST • Quick and flexible – Easier than Java callout: no .jar file – Can access your .jar file Frank Munz 2016 #37
  38. Java Script Action • Before invoking a script OSB binds

    a variable process • Use process variable and JS dot notation to access variables: pl = process.body ; process.numberIterations = 7 ; Frank Munz 2016 #38
  39. Works in Log Actions You can use JavaScript in Log/Report

    Actions Frank Munz 2016 #39
  40. Maven Support • Maven is a build tool like ant

    (or make) • Supports versioning and local repos of resources. • Central file pom.xml • Maven support in modern IDEs like Netbeans, also in JDeveloper12c (but broken) • Recommended read: https://community.oracle.com/thread/3672819?start=0&t start=0 Frank Munz 2016 #40
  41. Native REST • No virtualization layer -> JSON payload is

    not converted to XML • New pipeline branch for REST Frank Munz 2016 #41
  42. Native REST • To use it, start with REST technology

    adapter • Pull it to External Services lane Frank Munz 2016 #42
  43. Shared Variables If PS1 declares and x and PS2 declares

    x, then P2 sees updates in x from PS1 -> Use „Expand Shared Variable Section“
  44. DMV • Domain Value Maps • Values are dynamically changeable

    from EM console
  45. New Consoles • /servicebus is the new /sbconsole with new

    L&F • /em has most of the /sbconsole functionality for monitoring / reports etc -> functionality is split across two consoles
  46. DB is Required as of OSB 12c • RCU to

    create MDS (meta data, artifacts, metrics etc.) • More complex setup process • OSB 11g could work without, kind of …. Frank Munz 2016 #46
  47. MDS • Design time only support for MDS • File

    based per default • Import resources from MDS to project
  48. Debug OSB Projects Frank Munz 2016 #48 JDeveloper can debug

    OSB projects Lets you set conditional breakpoints
  49. Chef / Puppet Scripted install that saves couple of hours?

    In a standard way? There are Puppet modules that install EVERYTHING from Edwin Biemond: https://github.com/biemond Frank Munz 2016 #49
  50. Frank Munz 2016 #50

  51. The most comprehensive Oracle applications & technology content under one

    roof Some Things You Should Know Frank Munz 2016 #51
  52. What goes wrong? Frank Munz 2016 #52

  53. Java Mission Control Java Mission Control comes with JDK 1.7.0_40

    or later • Free for development • Ported over from JRockit • Detailed, graphical views -> start with jmc Frank Munz 2016 #53
  54. And Now? Frank Munz 2016 #54

  55. Heap Overload Quite often OSB is too fast , eg.

    PS listening to JMS Q is a MDB with poolsize 16. many msg -> too much garbage created on heap • Review architecture if ESB is the right solution • For PS listening to Q consider maxTConstr 1..2 • Sometimes even maxTConstr does not fix it, OSB is still too fast Frank Munz 2016 #55
  56. Heap Overload • Bad, but feasible, solution: slow down service

    invocation / Q troughput • Can try tuning GC – higher eden size for generational GC – Different GC (throughput vs. latency vs. G1 collector) Frank Munz 2016 #56
  57. Understand Your Threads Single most important non default setting •

    Systems in production can lock up even after years working well because of threading issues • Make sure a single service cannot take down OSB • Not easy to understand Frank Munz 2016 #57
  58. OSB Deadlocks OSB can deadlock, e.g. BS returns from invocation,

    but PS threads are all blocked: • Configure BS and to use separate WM for with small minTConstr to prevent deadlocks. – WM settings for BS applies to response pipeline of PS – Size of minTConstraint = 1 – SBDefaultResponseWM as of 11.x Frank Munz 2016 #58
  59. OSB Blocking Sync invocation of potentially blocking service can cause

    OSB to block • Use read and cx timeouts wherever applicable: – Service callout – Business service transport layer setting Frank Munz 2016 #59
  60. OSB WMs • We configure WMs per service for –

    Deadlock prevention (minTConstr) – Overload protection (maxTConstr) – Monitoring (WMs are shown in admin console) • Shared WMs are possible but bring other issues – Oracle recommends them Frank Munz 2016 #60
  61. The most comprehensive Oracle applications & technology content under one

    roof Oracle Cloud: SOA CS / ICS Frank Munz 2016 #61
  62. Cloud Services • It will be hard to run OSB

    on AWS, GCP -> we know this since 5 years • Check out ICS and SOA CS instead • SOA CS is marketed as iPaaS = integration platform as a service • Let’s look at the promises: – Innovate faster – Connect more – Rapidly deliver value Frank Munz 2016 #62
  63. SOA CS SOA CS includes the following components (simple domain

    config wizzard) • SOA Suite • Service Bus • Managed File Transfer • API Management CS Frank Munz 2016 #63
  64. Key Benefits of PaaS Cloud automation gives you: • Quick

    and easy provisioning • 100% compatible (runs on premise SCAs) • Access to all consoles (EM, also WLS admin) • Easy scaling • One click ZDT patching • Automated Backup Frank Munz 2016 #64
  65. Oracle ICS Frank Munz 2016 #65

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