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To A Single Page Web App and Back Again. The story of Shopify's experience building a Js MVC framework and a single page web app. Lessons we learned and why we moved to a hybrid approach.

Nick Simmons

June 27, 2014

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  1. To a Single Page Web App… and Back Again Nick

    Simmons RedDotRubyConf Singapore 2014
  2. LEARNING BATMAN Superhero Newb Time Read Admin code Read Batman

    docs Back to Admin code Ask for help Read Batman code
  3. HACK DAYS - JUNE 2013 “Let’s use Batman for our

    project!” “Where do I start?” “HELP!” “F**k this, I’m using Rails”
  4. NEW FEATURES - JUL TO NOV 2013 “Where should I

    put this code?” “I’m a frontend dev, client has all the state that I need.” “Let’s do it client side!”
  5. ADMIN-NEXT GOALS • Easy to use. • Keep the good

    bits. • Fast… (er than Batman)