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Building a new life after burnout – Non Binary in Tech 2017 – London

Damien Senger
July 29, 2017

Building a new life after burnout – Non Binary in Tech 2017 – London

28 years old, 2 burnout. Today, all tech jobs offer a good working environment, a competitive salary and… beers! Great, isn’t it? But everyday I hear new stories of people recovering from burnout or severe depression. What is going wrong in our life? It’s time to find a better work-life balance.

This are slides from my presentation for the Non Binary in Tech event 2017, in London. That was a really great event promoting non binary people in the tech industry.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Damien Senger

July 29, 2017


  1. Damien Senger • hiwelo. UX / UI Designer
 Accessibility advocate

    hiwelo.co • @iamhiwelo Raccoon my own web studio raccoon.studio
  2. A quick overview of a 
 campaign manager job A

    final deadline you can’t change. A lot of responsibilities:
 I was babysitting in charge of 12 candidates. A lot of skills involved in a workday:
 strategy, communication, administrative and legal stuff, PR, human resources management, etc. Work hours: 9am – 10pm the good days,
 7am – 2am the bad days.
  3. Less performant Less focused, lack of memory Working more than

    the regular hours Fatigue, useless holidays Unstable mood, irritability Loneliness and exclusion Musculoskeletal disorders Risk behaviours
  4. “ Nobody has ever been fired at Valve 

    making a mistake. 
 It wouldn’t make sense for us 
 to operate that way. VALVE
  5. I chose to focus my job on my main interests:

 accessibility and improving users’ web experience.
  6. Three main things to watch: Resignation, exhaustion, 
 inefficiency. Asking

    for help is the best solution against inefficiency.
  7. Feeling over-whelmed, few days ago I asked for a 

    new planning and different tasks: it worked well!
  8. No.

  9. “I just talked with William, 
 I know you are

    no backend developer but we have this emergency.
 Can you fix it for tomorrow morning? Your project/product manager at 5pm.