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Overview of @tudelft3d efforts regarding open data/software/science

Hugo Ledoux
November 01, 2018

Overview of @tudelft3d efforts regarding open data/software/science

Presented at the seminar ‘Managing & Sharing research data – Hoe en waarom?’


Hugo Ledoux

November 01, 2018


  1. 3D geoinformation group @ TU Delft 2 • since 2015

    • 4 tenured staff (soon 5) • 3 postdocs • 9 PhDs • many diff backgrounds
  2. Our focus: urban environment and 3D geo-data 3 Designing, developing,

    and implementing better systems to reconstruct, model, and analyse 3D cities, buildings, and landscapes
  3. Residential building Jaffalaan 9, Delft owner: Jan Smit 120m2 1824

    Park “de tuin” 800m2 Canal “de Schie” depth = 3.34m
  4. 7 solar potential shadow analysis noise modelling energy estimation bomb

    detonation wind turbulence pollutant tracking
  5. 12 • your work reach practitioners • insight into practitioners’

    work • gives us new funding opportunities • NL/EU grants favour open-source software • you can build up open-source libraries • personally, I’m more “complete”, I relate more to students • journals increasingly request code/data Good things about open software
  6. […] referees have the right to view the data and

    code that underlie a work […], even if these have not been provided
  7. 15 • takes time • takes a lot of time

    • often thankless work (you hear only when it crashes) • some people think you work for free • no “brownie points” at unis (changing quickly though) Less good things about open software
  8. 18 Standards are super important for us since 1990s we

    have int’l efforts, otherwise nothing would work…
  9. 31 • way easier to publish papers, teach, share •

    reproducible science: you give data with paper • you help other researchers, you create collaborations • please be “good scientists”: you use? you give back! Good things about using open data
  10. Its code is also open for anyone to see 36

    everyone in the group can edit it