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Music & Morning Musume

Bryan Veloso
February 14, 2011

Music & Morning Musume

An introduction to the world of the Japanese idol, the fandom that surrounds them and a little look into why Hello! Ranking is being built.

Bryan Veloso

February 14, 2011


  1. music & morning musumeŇ ԻָͱϞʔχϯά່Ň OR, the wonderful world of

    japanese idols and completely non-scientific trends and analytics OR, why we built a community for the niche
  2. hi, i’m bryan o_O; i like design, code and j-pop

    (in python)
  3. None
  4. ʮҰʯ please DO keep an open mind.

  5. ʮೋʯ please DO ask for clarification.

  6. ʮࡾʯ there are no DONT’S. except being closed minded :(

  7. ΞΠυϧ an introduction to idols

  8. In Japanese culture, idols are (usually female) media personalities in

    their teens and early twenties who are considered particularly attractive or cute and who will, for a period ranging from several months to a few years, regularly appear in the mass media, e.g. as singers for J- pop groups, actors, TV personalities (tarento), models in photo spreads published in magazines, advertisements, etc. — Wikipedia

  10. IT’S THIS

  11. AND THIS


  13. talent is a factor, but not as effective as personality

    & charm
  14. Ϟʔχϯά່ɻ morning musume’s unique nature

  15. Utada Pu y AmiYumi Pizzicato Five American POP MUSIC ೔ຊ


  17. niche.

  18. but you knew of them before i ever started.

  19. None
  20. None
  21. the dramatic “chipmunk” premiered on morning musume’s variety show, hello!

  22. the group is cyclical

  23. before december 15th

  24. between december 15th & january 2nd

  25. after january 2nd

  26. after january 2nd new members

  27. ࢲ͸ϮλͰ͢ fandoms and their dynamic interests

  28. the very nature of idols: their personality, talent and looks

    encourage favoritism
  29. fans support their favorite wholeheartedly by wearing the idol’s color,

    waving glowsticks & buying merchandise
  30. idols are SRS BSNS fans buy shit such as t-shirts,

    photosets, dvds and of course, music
  31. None
  32. our japan budget

  33. the money we spent on stuff our japan budget

  34. the money we spent on stuff our japan budget *nom*

  35. None
  36. as the cycle progresses, a fan’s favorites change

  37. see the cycle yet?

  38. ϋϩʂϥϯΩϯά ranking favorites and the purpose of hello! ranking

  39. None
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  41. None
  42. the ethos of hello! ranking in 3 words these could

    very well be interconnected.
  43. pride “... and that’s why I love this girl.”

  44. posterity “so why did I love this girl?”

  45. parade “I’m showing you why I love this girl.”

  46. fostering a cyclical experience

  47. trends matter and they matter a lot

  48. validation & invalidation human minds are moldable. we ponder. a

  49. Takahashi Ai Sayashi Riho Kamei Eri

  50. Takahashi Ai Sayashi Riho Kamei Eri eri graduates, riho joins

  51. empowerment “I love doing this.”

  52. connection “I found other people who love this too!”

  53. ͓ؼΓͳ͍͞ʂ bringing it home

  54. = coding fandom

  55. = design fandom

  56. = your fandom? ?

  57. ͓ΘΓ the end